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  1. Juanlasttime

    WTB WTB Juan Gonzalez very rare, very odd, very high end

    Looking to buy any Juan Gonzalez that I need... very interested in high end 90s... Please PM me with anything you have.. Thanks Kevin
  2. Juanlasttime

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Finally added the 99 Stadium Club Co-signers Juan/Rocket auto to complete the rainbow...
  3. Juanlasttime

    WTB Rare, hard to find Juan Gonzalez items

    Always looking to buy rare, odd, hard to find Juan Gonzalez cards/items... Please pm me with anything you have, that you’re willing to move, with what you’re looking for in return.. Many thanks Kevin
  4. Juanlasttime

    WTB WTB Rare, Odd, High End Juan Gonzalez

    Looking for anything Rare, Odd or High End Juan Gonzalez that I don’t already have... if you’ve got anything that fits the description please PM me... Let’s start the New Year with a bang.. Kevin
  5. Juanlasttime

    WTB Rare, hard to find, oddballs, 1/1, unreleased Juan Gonzalez

    Have over 5300 unique Juan Gonzalez cards/items... Always looking to add what I don’t have. My main interest is the 98 Diffractors and 99-2000 Tek golds.. if you have any rare,hard to find Juan Gonzalez items, that you’re looking to move please PM me... Thanks Kevin
  6. Juanlasttime

    WTB WTB High end, Rare, Errors, Oddballs of Juan Gonzalez

    Title says it all... PM me if you have any Juans you’re looking to move... Thanks Kevin
  7. Juanlasttime

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    From a member here... Another Juan crossed off the want list...
  8. Juanlasttime

    WTB Juan Gonzalez

    Just picked up my 28th 1998 Tek diffractor and 26th 1999 Tek Gold of Juan Gone.. always looking to buy more... I’m also interested in the 2000 Tek golds of Juan which I have 9 of... If you have or know anyone who may have any please let me know... Of course I’m also interested in any rare/hard...
  9. Juanlasttime

    WTB Juan Gonzalez 1998 Tek Diffractors and 98-2000 Tek Golds..

    Title says it all.... Looking to purchase any that I need... highest prices paid... Please message me with what patterns you have and what you’re looking to get for them.. Thanks Kevin
  10. Juanlasttime

    Printing Plate Set Complete! Show off Yours if you want :)

    2016 Topps Triple Threads Juan Gonzalez Rainbow Black,Yellow,Cyan,Magenta,Ruby,Wood
  11. Juanlasttime

    1998 Pinnacle Certified Rainbow

    Juan Gonzalez #138 Certified Legends
  12. Juanlasttime

    1998 Pinnacle Certified Rainbow

    Juan Gonzalez #41
  13. Juanlasttime

    WTB WTB High End,Rare,Errors, and Oddballs of Juan Gonzalez

    Looking to add anything I don't already have to my Juan Gonzalez collection... Mainly interested in to High End 90s stuff... Would love to add Tek diffractors and Golds, First Pitch Preview, score Rules Jumbo, Precious Metal Gems, Unreleased stuff, and so much more... if you have anything or...
  14. Juanlasttime

    WTB WTB Rare, High End, Oddball, and Errors of Juan Gonzalez

    Looking for any Rare, high end, oddballs, and errors of Juan Gonzalez... Please PM me with anything you may have that you're willing to sell.. Thanks Kevin
  15. Juanlasttime

    1998 Select

    Rare Form Juan Gonzalez

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