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  1. JVHaste

    The March to 20,000 Contest

    Texas Rangers, May 11th thanks! :)
  2. JVHaste

    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    New theory: COMC spent $50 mil to trade its best employees to a rival company. That's why they're short staffed to send anything out. :cool:
  3. JVHaste

    1998 Topps Kobe Bryant Roundball Royalty refractor, unpeeled.

    GilfSlayer with a monster pull!! 😍
  4. JVHaste

    Opening Day NC

    Oh wow, time flies... that stupid Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight is tonight!! Who wins? Who cares? Let the bashing n smashing begin! :love: The most annoying man on youtube meets the most annoying man in UFC. Can't lose!
  5. JVHaste


    Schlongcarlo Stanton Strikeouts!! They're so nice he did it thrice!! You know what that means, party song! 🥳
  6. JVHaste

    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    Hmm interesting, I will have to return to my bribery theory. Perhaps Gywnn has some nudey pics of JamesfromCOMC (or whatever his name is)
  7. JVHaste

    Opening Day NC

    How many wins are these Dodgers getting this year? @mrmopar must be busting out the coco butter nonstop!
  8. JVHaste

    Best interior design studio

    Its always interesting to see scammers from overseas come up with English names. I guess this guy looked at prince names from the royal family.
  9. JVHaste

    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    Perhaps its because COMC HQ is in Redmond and you're in Seattle? They really should give priority to locals because we have to pay an extra tax each time, it ate all the (would-be) savings over doing the same transactions elsewhere. :(
  10. JVHaste

    *****Good FRIDAY Morning***** 4/16/21

    I will give you gentlemen the bad tattoo of the day:
  11. JVHaste

    Opening Day NC

  12. JVHaste

    Opening Day NC

    Its no exaggeration to say the only Mexican place I've ever been to that didn't make me shit tidal waves was Taco Del Mar. People probably think my TDM shilling on here is because its 10/10 . . .but no, its just the only one of the lot thats made without motor oil or recycled band-aids.
  13. JVHaste

    Opening Day NC

  14. JVHaste

    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    I was considering selling on Check Out My Codpiece but these delays are concerning. I don't want to ship my stuff to them only to have the amount of buyers dwindle. Is FCB going to do another one of those virtual seller shows anytime soon?
  15. JVHaste

    Opening Day NC

    btw, Pete Rose turned 80 today! It feels like only yesterday he made a name for himself in the WWF Hall of Fame. :whistle:

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