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  1. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    I was gone for a few days and missed this. . . wow. Was it the best KO of all time?? Yes, yes it was. :whistle:
  2. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    CardCop, the hero we badly need. . . but perhaps don't deserve. 😂 All hail King James. I should have mentioned Japan for FredFred too... sometimes washed up guys still get good money over there. The fact he is a random guy with a slider though makes me think the Mariners are jerking off to his...
  3. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    Cool card, I think I had one of those but forget which player... hmm. I wonder if Colorado is nice enough for FredFred at this point and can even afford him. :LOL: Its going to need to be a team that likes modern analytics because the FIP was quality but ERA was ass. ...athough his quality...
  4. JVHaste

    Ny Yankee in season thread

    Wishing injury on Schlongcarlo Stanton is the biggest waste of time. . . SS does it to himself constantly. 👩‍🦳
  5. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    Is it too early to start the speculation on where FredFred Porcello will play next season? I have some ideas but I'd like to hear what everyone else thinks first.
  6. JVHaste

    Eddie Van Halen has passed away.

    This might be my favorite one:
  7. JVHaste

    Secondary address ?

    This is odd, sounds like a scam. I'm guessing they're saying their postal clerk said this but that convo never happened(?) I wonder if the trick is to get you to use 2 addresses to create confusion of which one the package actually goes to. In this hobby I tend to think the worst case scenario...
  8. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    I like how when you google Charlie Haeger his offiical pic is in a Mariners uni, despite never playing a game for that team. :LOL: They somehow find new ways to get the short end of the stick.
  9. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    Have you ever thought "how hard is it to fck up a Nirvana cover?" I would have originally said "impossible" but check this out! o_O
  10. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    :44 ...the moment you realize the pumpkin spiced meth is wearing off and you need to quickly get all the silliness out of your system. ;)
  11. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    It's going here too, not as exciting as Mr Met getting a Gilmore visit in full blackface, but beggars cant be choosers. :LOL: I guess my latest hobby is listening in on MLM zoom calls on youtube, really really funny. . .
  12. JVHaste

    90'S MUSIC

  13. JVHaste

    Any leads on hard to find Mo Vaughn inserts?

    Welcome to the boards. I own a Mo Vaughn Red Crusade. 😎 It could be put up for sale in the coming months, I will keep you posted if you want.
  14. JVHaste

    Oct. Night Crew

    Another terrible playoff team lately has been the Oakland A's (applesauce as I call them) they got bumped in round 1 I think 11 of their last 12 times, but at least they win games in the series. . . still pretty good for a team with no budget and 2 working toilets in the whole stadium. (that...

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