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  1. lonesomeagle1

    **********MONDAY MORNING THREAD 5/3***************

    Morning all Monday blues Coffee...
  2. lonesomeagle1

    ****Good Friday Morning***4/30/21

    As Brandon Stiner book title says... "You gotta have balls"
  3. lonesomeagle1

    ****Good Friday Morning***4/30/21

    Morning all FRIDAY!!!! Coffee
  4. lonesomeagle1

    *****GOOD THURSDAY MT*****4/29

  5. lonesomeagle1

    *****GOOD THURSDAY MT*****4/29

    Draft Day!!!!!!
  6. lonesomeagle1

    *****GOOD THURSDAY MT*****4/29

    Morning all Coffee...
  7. lonesomeagle1

    *****GOOD WEDNESDAY MORNING*****4/28/21

    Morning all 12+ hour days this week Too much work and no second shift anymore COFFEE....
  8. lonesomeagle1

    *****GOOD TUESDAY MORNING*****4/27/21

    I had the honor and pleasure to photograph his Dad some years ago
  9. lonesomeagle1

    *****GOOD TUESDAY MORNING*****4/27/21

    Morning all Coffee...
  10. lonesomeagle1

    *****GOOD MONDAY MORNING*****4/26

    Morning all I hate Monday Coffee...
  11. lonesomeagle1

    ****Good Friday Morning 4/23/21*****

  12. lonesomeagle1

    ****Good THURSDAYMorning 4/22/21*****

    Morning all Cold here too Coffee...
  13. lonesomeagle1

    ****Good WEDNESDAY Morning 4/21/21*****

    Morning all Eye Dr says all is well. Cataract is not an issue yet. Need new glasses Hump Day Coffee...
  14. lonesomeagle1

    *****Good TUESDAY Morning 4/20/21*****

    Morning all Eye specialist appt today in Manhattan Coffee....
  15. lonesomeagle1

    &&&&& GOOD MONDAY MORNING &&&&&4/19

    Morning all Monday sucks Coffee...

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