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"People question me because my physique is totally different from everybody else's in the league. What am I supposed to do? I pass every drug test. I eat the right things. I work out hard. And when I sign a big contract, instead of buying a Benz, I move my trainer out here. Some people go to the movies; I like to lift weights and run. All I care about is my body. I take hot and cold contrast baths to flush my system out. I pay five grand to have a doctor test every pill I take. I watch my calorie intake. I take antioxidants. I eat egg whites and cottage cheese, lean steak with asparagus, protein shakes before and after practice, sushi and simple carbs at night like blueberries. I eat six, seven meals a day. Yeah, I'm over 250. But I'll be 240 on opening day. I can lose weight any time I want."
-David Boston

The Albert Belle Collector
August 12
Dallas, TX
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The Albert Belle Collector
Entire Private Collection: 2,661/2,975 - 89.4%

***Always hunting Albert Belle 1998 Tek Diffractors and 1999 Tek Golds***

Originally accomplished my impossible quest for +90% in October 2016 (Now after it again)


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