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  1. markakis8

    Been several years since I've been around

    Any prominent FCB members from years ago not around anymore (RIP?)
  2. markakis8

    Is there a site that tracks rookie/rookie auto sales?

    Like what you could've bought an Evan Longoria rookie auto for in 2006 or....you know...Aaron Judge in 2015.
  3. markakis8

    FS Ebay gift certificates for 10% off

    Hello, I believe most of you know me here, haven't posted as much the past couple years. I still lurk time to time. I used to run an ebay baseball card business so if those that don't know me, I can be vouched for. I have ebay gift certificate codes that I can sell 10% off (so $100 GC for...
  4. markakis8

    Need testers for a home run Google play app.

    Hey all, Been a long time since I've posted. But I'm here to ask a favor of anyone that would like to participate in a baseball phone app my friend has created. It is in its alpha stage but it's shaping to be a sweet app for baseball aficianados and lovers of the taters. It grabs the videos...
  5. markakis8

    FS Huge resale lot - over 5,000 autos, g/u, refractors, inserts 99% 2013-2015 brands NO BASE

    Looking for $775 dlvd for this lot, which works out to be around 15 cents a card. Too much to type out so I'll just start up front by saying if you have any questions, I'll answer them. I have posted quite a few pictures. There was no strategy involved with the pictures (didn't just pull the...
  6. markakis8

    How pathetic has baseball salaries become? Rick Porcello

    Dude gets a 4 year, $82.5 million extension with a career 4.30 ERA over 180 starts. Please spare me "potential" and "stuff" argument. Dude has played for a perennial playoff team his whole career...wasn't even a starter in the playoffs... What...the...actual...****
  7. markakis8

    So who is on your 2015 HOF ballot?

    Very loaded this year. I really hope 4 or 5 guys make it because it's the first time in my life I truly feel like 10 players could be justified in making the HOF. There were quite a few dull years in the HOF voting process. I've taken guilty steroid players into account but since I can't vote...
  8. markakis8

    Anyone a Manny Machado fan?

    You shouldn't be. I feel like I'm watching Yasiel Puig 24/7. Intentionally throwing a bat on a swing. Probably the most bush-league stunt I've ever seen. Probably one of the most talented players in baseball and the most disappointing for sure. Biggest Orioles fan you'll ever see here. I...
  9. markakis8

    2014 bowman errors

    Marco Scutaro has a picture of Gregor Blanco I think. Alex Cobb has a picture of Jake McGee (who throws LH::facepalm:: ) Anybody got others?
  10. markakis8

    Yasiel Puig MLB Network's top RF in the game today

    I don't really think too much about the "shredders" list usually but this is just an absolute joke. Here is the list: Yasiel Puig – Los Angeles Dodgers Ryan Braun – Milwaukee Brewers Jose Bautista – Toronto Blue Jays Giancarlo Stanton – Miami Marlins Allen Craig – St. Louis Cardinals Carlos...
  11. markakis8

    This is why Schilling, Mussina, Halladay, etc. will make the HOF some day

    May take a few years with the ballot being crowded but I predict in about 7-8 years, Schilling, Mussina, and Halladay will all be in, paving the way for a new crop of HOF starting pitchers. I did not realize that no SP that started their career after 1970 has made it into the HOF. That blows my...
  12. markakis8

    Longest bombs of all time

  13. markakis8

    I think the Rays/Pirates should work out a trade...

    Everyone knows the Rays are shopping Price. Everyone knows the Pirates are basically a SP and a decent SS away from possibly an NL championship. They Rays want a nice package of prospects for Price and the Pirates have them. Rays send: David Price Ben Zobrist Pirates send: Jameson Taillon...
  14. markakis8

    I came here to read a thread about Wacha...nothing?

    no hitter through 8 vs Nationals.
  15. markakis8

    What's the record for WHIP in a season?

    Koji Uehara has to be pretty close if the minimum is like 65 IP.... He has a disgusting WHIP of 0.562 in 67.2 IP Some other stats: ERA is 1.06 9 BB to 94 K...10/1 K:BB! 12.5 K/9 Is this the greatest relief season of all time? I can't believe the Rangers didn't use him more last year...

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