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  1. Adrian Beltre

    Adrian Beltre

  2. Ramon Laureano

    Ramon Laureano

  3. michaelstepper

    Seeking advice. Thinking about selling my collection.

    I've found myself listing more and more as well. still plan on keeping 70% for the time being but to much laying around. I've taken to listing 6-12 items individually during my morning coffee. it keeps it small, quick and dont feel overwhelmed. I've actually sold more in the last 2 weeks then...
  4. 2021 Heritage red refractor/372

    2021 Heritage red refractor/372

  5. 2021 Heritage blue sparkle

    2021 Heritage blue sparkle

  6. 2021 Mothers Day pink /50

    2021 Mothers Day pink /50

  7. Takatsu Gagne

    Takatsu Gagne

  8. Kirby Puckett

    Kirby Puckett

  9. 2017 Gold

    2017 Gold

  10. David Fletcher

    David Fletcher

  11. Jeff McNeil

    Jeff McNeil

  12. michaelstepper

    buying sweet spot, sweet sigs or game ball autos

    yes sir, it is updated not counting any GU barrels or gloves
  13. 2021 Series 1 gold

    2021 Series 1 gold

  14. Doak Walker

    Doak Walker

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