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    In the market for a new flatbed scanner

    Hey there everyone! So I've been using my Canoscan 4400F for many years now (it's still going strong), and I think it's time for a change. Money isn't really an issue, but I would like to keep it around $200. I would like something released in the last couple years. My biggest priority is high...
  2. MOFNY

    Coming back after many years away...

    Hey I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I used to be quite active here from '08 to at least '12. I'm still collecting Oswalt, but there has been slim pickings for the last couple of years. That has saved me some money for sure. I've been pretty busy with life, with mostly positive results...
  3. MOFNY

    My personal site redesign, please critique.

    Hey there everybody. Recently I decided to modernize the look and feel of my personal site. Old Site: http://royoswalt44.com. New Site: http://mofny.github.io. Firstly, I have a new host at Github Pages (highly recommend). Secondly, I used a new layout technique. If you are using an older...
  4. MOFNY

    Question about this graded card and a missing serial number

    This auction recently popped up for a 1999 Ultimate Victory 1/1: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-1-1999-Ultimate-Victory-Parallel-Tim-Hudson-137-BGS-9-Rookie-No-Serial-/131210611305?pt=US_Baseball&hash=item1e8cc30a69 I was wondering if people think that is the actual pack pulled parallel without a...
  5. MOFNY

    New way to join my Player Collection site: post your completion stats here

    Ok so my new player collection compilation site is humming right along. Unfortunately I've had only a couple volunteers join. I would like to thank @thelesquad and gracecollector for their help. So I'm dropping the clause that you must have a website. Now there are two ways to join: 1. Own a...
  6. MOFNY

    The beginnings of my new collaborative player collector site. Free and easy to join!

    Well I am finally putting together one of my website ideas. Today I designed the very early look and feel of the site. I want it to be simple and fun. The button in the middle is the main attraction. Click it and you will see a breakdown of player collector's completion stats. They are divided...
  7. MOFNY

    Collector's site organizer with user's sites as examples. Let me help with site construction!

    Hey there everyone. I know I've made multiple threads about this in the past. However, I've continued to improve my system since my last thread. If you have a site, player collector's especially, you should have an easy and fast way to update totals. So I created some JS code that makes the...
  8. MOFNY

    Tim Hudson with 30 IP and no walks

    That's apparently a franchise record to start a season. How long can Hudson go?
  9. MOFNY

    Show us a 1/1 that's the only 1/1 of that player in the set.

    So basically the opposite of the other 1/1 thread. Show off a 1/1 that is the only 1/1 in the set. This is actually pretty difficult to do, especially if you count printing plates. I own 29 1/1s and the only one that falls into this category is:
  10. MOFNY

    Releasing my first jQuery plugin for the site creators out there (part 1/3).

    Hey there everyone. Over the last few months I've been studying and working on a way to optimize/beautify my site. The answer was a system to easily update my compilation stats. There have been a few different versions, but now I am working on an overall jQuery plugin. For those who are...
  11. MOFNY

    Sell or hold on Joc Pederson?

    His prices are the highest they've been since several months ago. I'm holding 3 2012 BC base autos and 2 ref autos. They also have good signatures (I've noted many of these cards have weak signatures). Should I wait to see how he does in the minors or sell now? This is one of my better...
  12. MOFNY

    Unveiling my revamped list sorting system for personal websites

    Check it out here: http://www.royoswalt44.com/base-inserts-parallels.html This has been a labor of love folks. Currently, not everything is perfect. Firstly, the all years button is mostly for just opening and closing all the lists when they are present on the hover bar. Other than that, things...
  13. MOFNY

    For the Web Site Developers: my new custom code for lists of cards--makes organization easy

    Hey everyone, it has been awhile! I've been working hard on finishing my IT degree and I'm finally done. :D So to keep my skills sharp I've been working on improving my site. I would like to extend my skills to the community. I've developed some custom code in HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery. The...
  14. MOFNY

    I'm itching for something new! Need some suggestions

    I haven't started a new thread in awhile. So basically I'm seeking someone new to collect. I still collect Oswalt, but he doesn't have new cards, and rare cards have been virtually nonexistent this year. For the last year or so I've ventured into the whole collect/sell area. Collect if they...
  15. MOFNY

    If Berkman has a strong season

    How could he not be a considered a legitimate HOF candidate? Career OPS+ of 146. Career OBP of .409. Career WAR of 52.5. And the obligatory "no ties to PEDs". Sure he doesn't have the career type numbers, but he is nearing 400 HRs.

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