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  1. Mozzie22

    Rarely seen monster hits auction...

    i guess edge damage will still get you a PSA 10 these days.
  2. Mozzie22

    White Whale Caught after 22 years

    Love stories like this! Been there myself many times and nothing quite like landing a card after so many years. Congrats!
  3. Mozzie22

    Another 1991 US Playing Cards variation

    i haven's seen the International before. Who has info on that? Any extras?
  4. Mozzie22

    Any new info about 1986 Topps mini "TIFFANY" cards?

    i am looking for the Ozzie if you have one?
  5. Mozzie22

    So, who all here picked up a 1992 Ace Novelty Prototype?

    i would be interested. Could you pm me info?
  6. Mozzie22

    Cano suspended again

    What a piece of shit!
  7. Mozzie22

    Player Collectors- Hit The Books Bookmarks

    I've got 8 different Ozzie's but you have then all listed.
  8. Mozzie22

    Player collector doldrums

    I feel your pain. Been so long since I picked up a Matheny. If they ever started making manager cards again I'd be happy.
  9. Mozzie22

    Just looking for some opinions - same person?

    I tend to agree with you on this being the same person, Brad. The wide chin is what i see linking them. Could be the angle of the photo but that man has huge hands.
  10. Mozzie22

    Advice: Wrinkled PSA Label

    I think it's ridiculous PSA won't reslab these for free. I've gotten them back from PSA already wrinkled. Just another way they screw you at PSA. Won't be long and they will be "updating" their slabs so you'll have to reslab again to keep your collection looking uniform. Just a joke.
  11. Mozzie22

    RIP Bob Gibson!

    One of the nicest in person autographs I ever met.
  12. Mozzie22

    Obscure player collections?

    Most of my player collections are obscure players. Jack Dittmer, Harry Wolter, Chuck Long, Tim Dwight, Mike Matheny.
  13. Mozzie22

    I bought out TWO Jose Canseco Supercollectors!

    Great pickups! Don't you ever regret selling your collection? The rare, beautiful cards are great but so are the commons.
  14. Mozzie22

    Lou Brock dies

    Met Lou Brock twice and couldn't have been nicer. Got these two 11x14's signed. RIP Sweet Lou.