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    Jason Heyward WAR vs. Carlos Gonzalez WAR

    Looking at stat lines on ESPN, I was surprised to find that Heyward is 5th in the NL in WAR with 1.6 and Gonzalez is 431st with -0.3 (not including today's games). I haven't watched either play this year, so I can't see anything beyond the box score. Is Heyward just that great of a fielder and...
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    Fraudulent Card Dump on Ebay

    I've never seen so many suspicious cards being sold at the same time. Someone is either working really hard or they're dumping their inventory. Obviously not every card is fake, but if you're not sure of a seller make sure to check out their other listings. Here is the list of cards that appear...
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    Ebay FREE listing Day Wednesday March 14

    I was just about to list some when I saw the notice. copied from the announcement: Attention sellers: On March 14, if you do not have an eBay Stores subscription, you can list Auction-style with Buy It Now FREE—to catch those buyers who need their items fast. Pay zero Insertion Fees, even for...
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    Showoff Time: 2003 Leaf Certified Rainbows

    I've been slowly going after these for about 6-7 years. I know I'll never complete the mirror black set, but I think I've got a shot at completing the others. I picked up the Thomas emerald about a year ago and the Thomas emerald patch a few months ago, so now I have 19/24 emeralds. My only...
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    Value of a 1991 Topps Desert Shield complete set

    Does anyone remember any completed listings for a complete set? I know someone who has one, but I have no idea if the value would be more if he pieced it out.
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    Any Phil Humber prospect stories?

    He would have a few more wins if not for the Sox offense, but he's been one of the best starters in baseball this year. Did anyone have any leftover Humber stashes that they sold recently or sold for cheap last year? Anyone remember sale prices last year or when he was at his peak? It's...
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    Show off your Harmon's!

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    Great front page article - rare GU

    When looking at patches, I think it's just as important to look at the actual patch as it is to look at the player. For instance, the Bob Feller Topps Sterling jumbo patch probably isn't from his playing days, and I think the price reflects that. I think the same goes for the Eddie Mathews...
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    I Hope You Didn't Just Buy This Ichiro Patch for $1750

    Someone just bought this Ichiro Triple Threads patch for $1750. Despite stating that it was pack pulled, the seller bought it 2 weeks ago for $265 (Ebay #320663221181) from steelerswheel71, and if you collect patches then you know it's fake. This is an expensive reminder for someone that you...
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    2008 Topps Sterling Jumbo Patch and Jersey Quantities

    Instead of numbering each card properly and then serial numbering the individual cards, Topps essentially reversed that process and serial numbered each one 1/1 and numbered each card differently. For instance, each Reggie Jackson is serial numbered 1/1, but there is only one RJA3, one RJA13...
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    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Collector's Thread

    The Alomar patch is from the 2001 American League 100th anniversary patch. The white part is probably from the baseball logo on the patch.
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    Post your best modern 1/1 non auto cards

    2007 Topps Sterling Letter Patches
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    Player collectors- Let's see those minor league cards

    Great topic pick! It's interesting to see the different card styles and hair styles throughout the years. I now have all of Rowand's minor league cards after picking up his 1999 Team Best gold /50 last month after seeing it for the first time in about 6 years. I also have one other card not...
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    Laundry Tag Showoff Thread

    I love tag patches, because each one is different and the old ones are great for narrowing down what year the jersey was made. Baseball has some great laundry tag cards, but I think the best designed cards for them are from 2006-08 Playoff National Treasures in football.

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