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  1. Musial Collector

    Coronavirus Thread

    Still get error message
  2. Musial Collector

    Coronavirus Thread

    That didn't work for me either. If you can get into the Anything Goes forum, copy the main page URL and PM it to me, Ill see if I can get to it that way.
  3. Musial Collector

    Best way to store a booklet card?

    How about this style?
  4. Musial Collector

    One card mail day....First in over 5 years

    Not technically a mail day, it was a local purchase. I use to have a killer Michael Cuddyer card collection, however I sold out of my card collection 5+ years ago and focused on full game used items. A local shop guy posted this on his Facebook today that he would be auctioning it off at his...
  5. Musial Collector

    If you purchased anything from the baseball hall of fame website read attached link

    A heads up to anyone that has purchased from the baseball hall of fame website only https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/national-baseball-hall-of-fame-hit-by-payment-card-stealing-attack/
  6. Musial Collector

    3 weeks from today.........

    ........is the 10 anniversary of FCB!!! What does Mr Gilmore have in store for a site party? :-)
  7. Musial Collector

    Any gamblers/risk takers out there?

    Helping a buddy out here. He has 2 Hobby boxes of 2009 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects that he got on consignment along with a ton of other stuff but these are the cream of the crop. Completes on eBay are $1500 (was blown away at prices), to stay off the problems eBay can bring, any interest...
  8. Musial Collector

    What is the gem of your collection?

    Sold off the Cuddyer card collection, only collect full game used now. Here is my favorite piece/s: Combo Home Run Bat and Ball Will try and make this short.... Date is June 9th, 2011. We were at the Twins game sitting in the Right Field stands. I had brought my camera with to take some...
  9. Musial Collector

    Twinsfest 2017

    Anyone going this year? Greg Cleveland TGutta clarkzac hrbek14 UMich92 devin
  10. Musial Collector

    The Gift..........

    ..........if you havent seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go, its a very good movie. No spoilers here, but there is a (think the Pitt/Freeman movie Seven) "ah ha" moment that makes seeing it the first time without knowing that "ah ha" moment oh so much better. Others that have seen it...
  11. Musial Collector

    The National is a week away..........

    Parting shot.................no other words needed.............
  12. Musial Collector

    The National is a week away..........

    The Jim Craig collection up for auction ............ A Freaking Mazing!!!
  13. Musial Collector

    The National is a week away..........

    The reason I went to the show........18 of the Greatest Living Athletes from my generation (IMO) and the completion of a great set (I had Stroble but had a new one done with an inscription).........ohhhhhhh and a moment I wont forget, Me and Pav!!!

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