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  1. nevermore

    March 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    2005 Ace Tennis Signature Moments Rafael Nadal Autograph #/50 Rafa's earliest certified autograph card, great photo of his first Grand Slam win at Roland Garros. Sorry to veer off topic this week, both tennis cards impulse BINs, a break from my typical Yankee pickups. Excited for the...
  2. nevermore

    March 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    1997 Donruss Signature Autographs Paul O'Neill Century Marks #/100 His first autograph release from 1997. Also found a red version. 2015 Leaf Q Pure Autographs Roger Federer Nice to have an on-card autograph of Roger. Love this action shot.
  3. nevermore

    March 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    @Philip J. Fry - Sharp looking card. Rivera has a knack of perfectly aligning his autograph for each card he signs. the 'M' and 'R' fit perfectly with the out-dents of the signature box. Occurs too often to be coincidence, it's nice to see the care he puts into his signings. @Dilferules - love...
  4. nevermore

    New eBay scumbag

    I agree with you. Buyers remorse. When Project 2020 was big and prices were insane, I think there were a lot of return requests filed the same way. Or he was hoping to regrade it and have it come back a 10 and profit off the difference but after seeing it he realized he couldn't. With managed...
  5. nevermore

    Topps Bunt 20

    My user name is the same. If anyone wants to trade. I log in periodically when I have a few minutes to kill. I am working on completing Yankee sets/parallels from all years both base and postseason. I currently need Yankee postseason parallel needs from 2020 and 2019. Happy to trade similar...
  6. nevermore

    Do 1998 Pacific Online Winners Exist for All Players?

    Nice!! Hope you find a few more for me and the others here Looking for O'Neill if it exists. I don't recall ever seeing one.
  7. nevermore

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Nice Bonds ^^ A couple of late 90s O'Neill additions... 1999 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Red #/50 1998 Panini Venezuelan Sticker I was not aware of this one until I saw it listed. A quick Google search directed me to a helpful thread here on FCB.
  8. nevermore

    Only took 27 years to get this card.

    Nice find! Looking at the date, this must have been the last big convention during the last peak of collecting, 1 week before the 1994 strike.
  9. nevermore

    How to ship 10,000 cards

    Has anyone used PirateShip? https://www.pirateship.com/usps/priority-mail-cubic Offers cubic shipping through Priority Mail. I've read on blogs it is cheaper for these sort of thing, never used it myself.
  10. nevermore

    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    Looking forward to this. Looks like PWE are okay as well. These should work too, correct? I never know what to do with these, perhaps a good way to recycle them. Just slap a label over the front and perhaps cover the copyright on the back with marker.
  11. nevermore

    February - New Arrivals Thread

    Thanks! I was happy to find an unsigned version, the auto was an added bonus. It was not released as an autograph, but was signed at the game during his appearance at the game. Bernie is one of my favorite Yankees of all time, I am actually thinking of getting this all framed for my office since...
  12. nevermore

    February - New Arrivals Thread

    1. 2000 Fleer Mystique Masterpiece /1 -- One of those forgotten sets. Not a steal, but I paid for this today what a box of Mystique would have cost in August 2020. That is how I justified the price to myself. 2. 2018 Topps Bernie Williams Breathless Blowout Promo - I am more excited about...
  13. nevermore

    White Whale Caught after 22 years

    Awesome find at an awesome price! Still seeking the O'Neill.
  14. nevermore

    Doing things the right way may not be worth it

    Sorry man that sucks. Your discipline will be rewarding in other ways. But it's very hard to see stuff slip through your fingers. I've kept a habit of funding my hobby purchases through sales as well so I've had to be patient with bigger purchases. Seeing the prices go up year after year makes...
  15. nevermore

    Misjudging the Market - Alan Trammell

    Yes, these have always been highly collected. I had the O'Neill refractors from 03, 04 and 05 in my collection. I had paid $30-40 upon release. When I whittled down my collection to his playing years, I sold them in 2012, for $225, $125, $125. Much more than any other O'Neill autographs. That...

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