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    1952 Mantle

    Insurance and hand delivered?
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    January - New Arrivals Thread

    #B253 1996 Finest Refractors Bronze my 10th #S115 1996 Finest Refractors Silver my 14th #15 1997 Donruss Team Sets MVP's /1000 my 5th #3 1997 Fleer Night and Day my 7th #DA-17 One of One 2017 Topps Archives Signature Series 1999 Bowman Chrome Diamond Aces #158 1995 Finest...
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    January - New Arrivals Thread

    Just got my 246th of this one card. Have yet to put on the list. this is mine and just got in #9/9. to give me 3 of the 9 cards printed. #DA-17 One of One 2019 Topps Archives Signature Series 1999 Bowman Chrome Diamond Aces Refractor 2001 Absolute Memorabilia Home Opener Souvenirs...
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    1952 Topps Mantle sells for record $5.2 million.

    The next $1,000,000.00 card if it ever comes up for sale again. 1990 Upper Deck RC of Juan Gonzalez no name on front. Rumored to have been purchased by Juan himself in 2008. for $$$$$$. Would really like to know where this card went.
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    Recent slab pickups / grading

    Do you have any non canvas.
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    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/13/21****

    Good Morning. Remember, no matter where you go there you are.
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    Mislabeled PSA 10 Frank Thomas 1990 Topps Tiffany being sold on eBay

    I contacted the seller to let them know. The back of a Tiffany is kind of yellow. I have seen PSA mess these up before. One was a Juan Gonzalez.
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    my best ever acquisition.

    Someone spent a lot of time to get all those autos. Truly awesome bat.
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    RIP Tommy Lasorda!

    As great of a manager that he was, his managing skills were greatly under rated because of the great showman that he was in the game of Baseball. RIP MR. Lasorda.
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    *****WEDNESDAY Morning Thread 1/6/21*****

    Hope=Nope! I am moving to Italy. When this covid crap is over and I am alive. 2 Bedrooms Country house for sale in Montefino [495257] | Gate-away® (gate-away.com) SS81 - Google Maps
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    *****GOOD NEW YEAR FRIDAY***** 1/1/2021

    Happy New Year! I hope.
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    Dawn Wells has passed away from covid 19.

    Friends of hers started a go fund me page to help pay her medical bills.
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    Dawn Wells has passed away from covid 19.

    I had the biggest crush on Mary Ann when I was a kid. When i saw this my eyes started to water up. RIP MS Wells you will be sorely missed.:cry::cry::cry: https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/dawn-wells-dies-of-covid-19-mary-ann-on-gilligan-s-island-was-82/ar-BB1cm21J?ocid=msedgntp
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    Are any other eBay sellers here still experiencing slow mail delivery?

    I won a card on 12-14-2020 coming from Hong Kong got it on the 21st, I won a card on 12-8. the seller is 40 miles away and states it has been shipped. No tracking number! Still no card. He is blaming covid and the Holidays. RIGHT!!!!!!!

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