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    The Radicards® Thread

    Discussed here are 10 baseball card sets from the 2000s that were well-received but missed the mark in design potential. https://bit.ly/2Nuurh1 @tidel144
  2. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    Free market economy aside, is asking 423% over this card's original sale price too ambitious? https://bit.ly/3dHzJ4c
  3. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    You bet! You deserved it.
  4. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    Radicards® proudly welcomes Rodney Vallejo, (@tidel144) to its Content Production Team. I hand selected Rodney for his depth of category knowledge and general professional demeanor. He's a stand up guy and certainly one to add to your Who's Who list of key hobby educators. Linked here is...
  5. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    In this podcast, Social Distancing, The Hobby, and Investing are discussed. https://bit.ly/2WMoC3U
  6. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    Our current auction is live and features 23 high end hockey cards. Have a look at what's in it here: https://bit.ly/3cO1bfY
  7. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    Thanks, Jeff! I appreciate the comment. :)
  8. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    In this podcast, we discuss MLB potential responses to COVID-19, Collecting Vintage, Topps Project 2020, and more. Listen and enjoy. https://bit.ly/3bjxhQ5
  9. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    Mike Trout 2011 Bowman Chrome Superfractor makes its way to eBay. See it here. https://bit.ly/3amFguI
  10. patrick182

    The Radicards® Thread

    Welcome to the radicards.com thread. This thread is made to house Radicards® videos, links to content, surveys, etc. If you'd like to be a guest on an episode of Radicards® TV, please PM me for details. https://youtu.be/5U6L_1CBtKM In this episode, I introduce you to the Radicards® Museum...
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    #76: Topps Now and Topps Bunt

    Click here to view The Radicards Video Thread. https://youtu.be/tg3RPZC0_zc Click here to view The Radicards Video Thread.
  12. patrick182

    My Interview with Tanner Jones (mouschi)

    In this episode, I sit down with notable custom card creator and Jose Canseco collector, Tanner Jones A.K.A., mouschi. You may have heard about him; he’s pretty active on the various usual places on the interwebs, here included. Watch this video as Tanner walks us through his incredible...
  13. patrick182

    FS Fitted Toploader Bags

    For Sale: Fitted Toploader Bags - 1pk (100 bags). $5.65 for first pack, $3.65 for each pack thereafter. PayPal non-gift only (to ensure protection). FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the U.S. International orders - please PM me for shipping quote. Here's what they look like. PM me.
  14. patrick182

    2016 Predicted Hobby Trends

    I've put together this one question survey and would love your take on what you think will be the focus this year. Take the one question survey here.
  15. patrick182

    Looking for '85 Topps Joe Carter PSA 10

    If anyone has one, please PM me. I'll pay $60. Many thanks :)