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  1. PeteD

    1994 UD Electric Diamond Silver Back?

    Anything is possible in the cardboard universe.
  2. PeteD

    anyone open these?

    They bought my 2012 Leaf Valiant Pujols Auto #/10.
  3. PeteD

    1997 Donruss Preferred 200 card set

    Can't find any values or sales for the complete set. Any help appreciated.
  4. PeteD

    Matt Harvey Traded to the Reds For Devin Mesoraco

    yeah, he's not going to last long in that bandbox...sorry to say. I pulled a redemption for this card (not my auction)...hated selling it, love the concept.
  5. PeteD

    Hey i finally was able to login to my Blowout account after 8 yrs

    It kept rejecting my login info until today when i gave it another shot and after 8 yrs i'm finally back in. I know alot of current members from here post there too (along with the Bench etc) and to my surprise former FCB and the old Beckett boards members. Notably that Phillies fan we all know...
  6. PeteD

    Therion's All Time Astros Autograph Collection (920 Reached!! 11 To Go!)

    " hey bud...get that thing i sent you?"
  7. PeteD

    2018 - Top 100 Prospect Holdings

    Had to replace the car so mine are in the process of being sold on ebay. Nice Gordon purple ref, Mountcastle and Monte Harrison to name a few.
  8. PeteD

    It's time for Joe Girardi to be fired

    Yankee implosion.
  9. PeteD

    Matt Olson must be the leader in solo homers

    thx pal.
  10. PeteD

    Matt Olson must be the leader in solo homers

    or he doesn't get many rbi situations. Hit #20 today...rbi #39 :confused:
  11. PeteD

    Rarest cards from the 80s

    1986 General Mills Canada Booklet with Ripken. I had one but sold it...wish i didn't.
  12. PeteD

    Funny video of Rally Cat hyping up Yadier Molina to hit game-winning grand slam.

    what is it with cats and the Cards? oh and don't forget the Rally Squirrel (i'd love that card but it's a SSP i'm sure).
  13. PeteD

    Football Auto but Baseball related...sort of

    Terrible signers, in all sports :?

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