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  1. Philip J. Fry

    2021 Topps UK break

    Ok, the Topps Redux look pretty sweet. That should’ve been made into a standard set instead of what they’ve releasing lately.
  2. Philip J. Fry

    January 2022 - New "Year" Arrivals!

    Yeah, this one was up there in price last year (thanks, covid). I spend roughly 3 months searching various sites looking for a sharp design to match his signature before I found this card, and then another 26 days for it to arrive. No regrets on the purchase or the cost of grading since it's a...
  3. Philip J. Fry

    January 2022 - New "Year" Arrivals!

    Bought this last February and decided to send it in to get graded, mainly to protect it. Honestly thought it would've been at least a 9.5 but I'm still happy with it. It's a permanent fixture in my collection regardless.
  4. Philip J. Fry

    Are you worried if you have BBCE boxes now?

    Well, you know the old saying “A fool and his money…”.
  5. Philip J. Fry

    What Would YOU Do?

    This happened to me as well. It wasn't the seller's fault though, because they shipped my cards in a bubble mailer via PayPal shipping. Their post office accepted it and it made it's way to my small town without issue. However, my post office decided to measure the mailer and found that it...
  6. Philip J. Fry

    Did Topps just give a big FU to MLB?

    BaseballCardPedia is echoing Beckett. http://baseballcardpedia.com/index.php/2021_Bowman%27s_Best
  7. Philip J. Fry

    January 2022 - New "Year" Arrivals!

    I love the ‘97 Finest embossed, including the refractors. If you build the set, good luck :)
  8. Philip J. Fry

    Some ebay fun...

    ^ Exactly. Mickey Mantle is a good example.
  9. Philip J. Fry

    From Tanner, card memes

    ^ That’s exactly what I did. 12:02am and $80 later, my resolution was done.
  10. Philip J. Fry

    December 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Refractor Mailday:
  11. Philip J. Fry

    Some ebay fun...

    I probably get a better ROI at a spank bank than at feeBay. That’s insane what they charge in fees.
  12. Philip J. Fry

    December 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    A small shipment today, but it puts me 4 cards closer to completing the set. Scans definitely don't do the cards any justice.
  13. Philip J. Fry

    What is your dream card?

    Coming soon to the Bowman Chrome line, Refractures. They're like refractors but they'll kill you if you look them in the eye.
  14. Philip J. Fry

    December 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Yep, more cards arrived. /75

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