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  1. Pinbreaker

    Griffey Collector's Thread - Part Two..

    Griffey late 90's cards have some serious collectors.. Even worse than @magicpapa Here's some pics from a guy I have sold some Griffey's to..
  2. Pinbreaker

    Griffey Collector's Thread - Part Two..

    @magicpapa get your wallet out.. @George_Calfas told me about it.. :) https://www.ebay.com/itm/363698119164
  3. Pinbreaker

    Wow. how rare are these.

    It's a Gold Medallion... lot more $$
  4. Pinbreaker

    2021 Topps Mickey Mantle Collection Boxes

    I was trying to remember what card that came from.. Seems like the only people that do cut sigs well are Mike and Tanner! UD did some good ones from time to time..
  5. Pinbreaker

    2021 Topps Mickey Mantle Collection Boxes

    There is a chance that you could pull a Mantle Cut Auto or other players auto or other short prints. $17 per box + delivery..
  6. Pinbreaker

    AIC TCG - 1&2 - '21 Bowman Draft + Bowman's Best

    Is one of the spots the Mariners? :cool:
  7. Pinbreaker

    MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread (and other interesting items on a slow mailday)

    I just recently sold my Griffey OBAK, but I stiff have my Canseco, (Tacoma PCL) where I first saw him crush the ball!
  8. Pinbreaker

    Tim Wakefield Thread

    I came across this one on EBAY.. I put it in my watchlist and I received an offer for a cheaper amount.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284587704772
  9. Pinbreaker

    Probstein on eBay. Some love him, some hate him, but consider this when selling…

    When I buy from them, I set my snipe.. If it goes over my set snipe, oh well.. I will only bid $X on cards and I don't get into bidding wars because they tend to get under your skin and you bid more than you wanted to.. Gixen is my sniper.. :-)
  10. Pinbreaker

    MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread (and other interesting items on a slow mailday)

    Do you need a Blue Wave Onelki Garcia Auto #'d 05/50?
  11. Pinbreaker


    RIP Dan Reeves.. Hope everyone else has a better New Year!
  12. Pinbreaker

    For the Mariners Fans, Kyle Seager (Corey's brother) retires

    This was posted on his wife's Twitter page a few days ago. The Mariners group I am in had people looking for his cards.. especially the premium ones..
  13. Pinbreaker

    RIP Dan Reeves

    First John Madden, then Betty White, and now Dan Reeves.. https://sports.yahoo.com/falcons-broncos-cowboys-player-nfl-coach-dan-reeves-dies-at-77-152100419.html
  14. Pinbreaker

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD***** 12/31

    It will be a quiet evening as my wife is recovering from Covid.. Then to top it off I see that Betty White passed away as well today.. :cry: https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/31/entertainment/betty-white-obituary/index.html
  15. Pinbreaker

    Anyone know how rare this is? 08 Topps Red Sox

    Gimmicks Series One Topps created two unannounced gimmick cards for the first series. Card #234 is a variation of the Boston Red Sox World Series card from the base set, but with former New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani Photoshopped in. At the time, Guiliani was running for President and had...

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