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    New eBay scumbag

    eBay sided with him. State "because we cant see the item we cant tell if it matches description and picture to make that decision. Please think as a buyer when you list and describe in title and description." Are you kidding me?!?!?! David Pelta in Maryland who is eBayer spiffy39 is a...
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    New eBay scumbag

    It has been tough selling on eBay. It keeps getting tougher. Recently had my Mike Trout RCs graded and very happy with PSA submission. Buyer wins my 2011 eTopps Minor League Mike Trout PSA 9 and my 2011 Topps Update Mike Trout Diamond Anniversary PSA 9. Here is my ebay listing # for the...
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    Pete Alonso curated set

    Auto for me if you are interested.
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    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2020 Topps Gold Label - open

    Yankees back please in both
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    2020 Topps Chrome Ben Baller Edition - 3 Die Cuts!

    Ridiculous. Another topps issue that I couldn’t get as a Montgomery club member. Not one in two years. Every time there is error messages, tech issues or I missed the time despite being on usually within seconds of receiving email and at most within 5 minutes. Topps is a disgrace for excuses...
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    AIC TCG 1/2 - '20 Allen & Ginter - breaking 9/17

    I will keep Padres in 2. Thanks! todd
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    Player Collectors 1500+ Club

    My Jeter collection has hit that. As of March 2016, the last time I did inventory, I was at 1746. Since then I know I have added at least another 500 between COMC buys, new card releases, and gifts from fellow team collectors. just like baseball we might need to up this to the 3000 club and...
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    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2020 Topps Stadium Club - Open - Live 9/2

    Wow! Lots of cool stuff. Nats were great in both. As much as I would have liked a Soto insert I got the Robles auto #/10! The Bichette auto will be cool too. Nice to get some returns on what I spent. Some nice cards for my fellow team collectors! thanks Andrew!!!
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    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2020 Topps Stadium Club - Open - Live 9/2

    Thanks Andrew ! Pull some good stuff!
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    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2020 Topps Stadium Club - Open - Live 9/2

    Ill take padres in 2 either way we go- Im in for either
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    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2020 Topps Archives - Live 8/19

    I am tempted to pick up padres in second case but can’t. Mark this as a sure thing that a Tatis auto-probably low # parallel will be pulled from that case...
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    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2020 Topps Chrome Break

    Thanks for the break Andrew! Wish I could have hit more-especially my regular teams 🤣 no one can say this was a yankee heavy product-at least not this case.
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    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2020 Topps Chrome Break

    I’ll take braves in #2
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    AIC TCG 1-2 - 2020 Museum Collection - open

    Wow-not a single Nationals player in either break? Hmm. Great break. Wish the Bichette was in my blue jays but lots of Yankees and rays.my extra teams got some nice cards for my team collector group. thanks Andrew!

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