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    2019 National Baseball Card Day Padres SGA

    Hello, Does anyone have the checklist? Thank you
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    First Time at Target Field

    Hello, Unfortunately this is not going to be my first time at Target Field yet, my parents and brother are going next weekend to watch Indians @ Twins, I think it is going to be a great series. Any tips, can't miss food or must do's for the stadium? Thank you
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    Photobucket Account Restricted

    Well, they can go and F--- themselves. Problem with no migrating before is they also took down the download album options. Gonna be there a while for not listening and moved a long time ago.
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    1999 Bowman Chrome International Refractors No Serial Number?

    This card without the serial number is a test? backdoor ed? Thank you
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    Bobblehead Database?

    Is there a way to check how many bobbleheads (SGAs) does a player have? I believe Fernando Valenzuela is one of the most made
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    Contacting someone through Photobucket

    Is it possible? I'm looking at an album and can't seem to find anyway. Thank you
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    2018 Elite Extra Edition. Pink Parallel?

    Hello, The checklist includes the following for the Base Set: PARALLEL CARDS: Pink. Has anyone seen it? I've seen the /10 parallels but nor this one not numbered
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    Final Checklist for Topps Now

    Hello, What's the best source for Topps Now Checklists? Topps has been making a lot of changes in their initial checklists and also taking a lot of time filling their "TBD". Sucks for player collectors. Thank you
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    Black Friday

    Is there a thread already or am I too early? Hoping Topps has a deal for they 10X14s....
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    2018 Topps Holiday. Out yet?

    Hello, Does anyone know if this is live yet? Thank you
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    What to do about a missing package

    First of all, I must say I have been extremely lucky with the USPS through the years and with sellers in general. Just a very few, small problems here and there. Right now I have a missing card from an ebay purchase that went out for delivery on july 2, and was not delivered and the tracking...
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    FS 2018 Topps Stadium Club Aaron Judge Photo Variation SSP

    Thanks for looking $90
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    July Pick Up Thread

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    Pulled a SSP, my first, at the "LCS"

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately I am not very active lately, but I'd like to tell a story from yesterday. I went to Phoenix to watch a couple of Dbacks games and on my way back I stopped in Tucson to what I call my "local card shop" as there are no shops in Mexico. My girlfriend helped me open 8...
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    2018 Bowman Platinum out yet?

    Thanks. Looking for a card of a kid from my hometown.

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