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  1. rebelpawn

    To any investors: Are you continuing to buy cards right now or have you stopped buying?

    Oh man, you just had to bring that up didn't you??? :) Can't believe it only got an 8, it's obviously trash and you should send it to me!
  2. rebelpawn

    To any investors: Are you continuing to buy cards right now or have you stopped buying?

    I'm not an investor in cardboard, I'm a collector. But I've been buy a lot more and not selling anything.
  3. rebelpawn

    May pickup Thread

    My wife usually doesn't say anything about the amount of cards in the mail but even she was like "Been busy lately huh?"
  4. rebelpawn

    May pickup Thread

    Seems like people are killing it this month, awesome cards guys! Couple more Nomars and a few other things today :)
  5. rebelpawn

    May pickup Thread

    Love the Nomars! Just got these in myself....
  6. rebelpawn

    May pickup Thread

    That Gwynn is 😎
  7. rebelpawn

    Sweet Spot Signatures collection

    Holy crap! That's so awesome. Amazing collection!
  8. rebelpawn

    April pickup thread

    Some of the highlights from this month...
  9. rebelpawn

    Nomar Garciaparra's cards - Any room for growth?

    His cards will always be collectable. I'm shocked when I see how much some of his rarer stuff still goes for. There are still a lot of Nomar collectors with deep pockets.
  10. rebelpawn

    2020 Topps Tribute 2 box break

    You killed it! Well done!
  11. rebelpawn

    MARCH 2020 pickups

    Finally pulled the trigger on this. I only need two more SPs from the set.
  12. rebelpawn

    MARCH 2020 pickups

    Sold this card several years ago and have regretted it ever since. They are extremely SP'd and after years of waiting one popped up last week. Very happy to have it back
  13. rebelpawn

    MARCH 2020 pickups

  14. rebelpawn

    MARCH 2020 pickups

  15. rebelpawn

    *** February 2020 Pickup Thread ***

    Good looking stuff everyone! Some of my more recent pickups... Two cards more for the set I'll probably never finish

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