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  1. Resident Bay Fan

    Anyone know anything about this 1986 Mattingly set?

    I have this 21 card set plus 9 card picture lot and was wondering if anyone can tell me anything about it? Sorry for the big pics.
  2. Resident Bay Fan

    FS Any collection buyers here?

    Looking to sell everything. If you buy collections, please pm me and let me know your terms, thanks.
  3. Resident Bay Fan

    FS Any Pirates or Jason Bay fans? SP Authentic letter patch sets

    I have these 20 cards I'm looking to sell. $300 The B.A.Y. is #3 /5 and all the others are #/25.
  4. Resident Bay Fan

    FS 1960 Topps partial set for sale

    Looking to move this partial set of over 240 different and another 60+ doubles and triples. Asking $799 or best offer. Some of the cards included are #350 , Mantle, #160 Mantle/Boyer, #173 , Billy Martin, #200 Willie Mays, #264 Robin Roberts, #395 Hoyt Wilhelm, #420 Eddie Mathews, #502...
  5. Resident Bay Fan

    Gypsy Queen - who wants a box Contest

    Thanks for the contest Andrew.
  6. Resident Bay Fan

    FS 2012 Topps Chrome Footballlot Red Blue Black Refractors Griffin RC Xfractors G/U

    2012 Topps Chrome Football 5 Jersey cards 2 Black Refractors 2 Blue Refractors 5 Pink Refractors 4 Purple Refractors 4 Prism Refractors 1 Red Refractor 22 Xfractors 23 refractors 9 Camo Refractors 4 Tall Boy inserts 4 Rookie Reprints 1 Red Zone Rookie 7 1957 Rookies 13 1984 Rookies #200 Robert...
  7. Resident Bay Fan

    FS 2012 Bowman draft prospects code cards

    I've got 26 code cards for sale. $15.99 dlvd in the U.S.
  8. Resident Bay Fan

    Question for those in AIC Draft Team Break #4

    I notice that a couple of members may have taken extra slots just to fill the break. If anyone wants to sell a slot, I'd be interested in picking it up. Thanks
  9. Resident Bay Fan

    FS 2005 Topps Pristine Carlos Guillen Bat Knob Scan added

    If anyone has any interest, just pm me and I'll get a scan up asap. Looking for $25 dlvd. Card is #/ed 2/5.
  10. Resident Bay Fan

    FS 2005 Topps Pristine Carlos Guillen Bat Knob

    Double post, sorry.
  11. Resident Bay Fan

    2 boxes, 1 Draft and 1 Chrome

    Here are the highlights minus a handful of refractors. And I'm PISSED about this one. Finally get a decent hit and it's fracking damaged.
  12. Resident Bay Fan

    2010 Triple Threads Emerald. Need just 5 more.

    I need these 5 cards to finish the set. #'s 2 Harmon Killebrew 3 Robin Roberts 29 Ken Griffey Jr. 88 Lou Gehrig 106 Chris Carpenter
  13. Resident Bay Fan

    FS Anyone working on a 60 Topps set?

    I have a partial set that I will be looking to move as a whole or in parts. Looking for $225 or B/O for this one: Here's a few others from the set that I have.
  14. Resident Bay Fan

    2012 Topps Chrome box break from Wally World

    Don't even follow football so I don't know why I even bothered to buy it, but here it is.
  15. Resident Bay Fan

    Happy Thanksgiving Morning Thread

    Morning guys. Hope everyone's day goes smoothly and safely.

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