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  1. Russ S.

    NYY 2015 Season Thread

  2. Russ S.

    The curious case of Eduardo Rodriguez autos

    On Card, first year, chrome. Almost always wins! Sterling looks a bit better IMO, and Leaf isn't half bad.
  3. Russ S.

    Cal Ripken, Jr. collector's thread

    Moving what is left of my collection if anyone is interested. 400+ unique Premium cards ($10+) 700+ unique Base cards ($9-) SLU's, Bobbleheads, HOF Induction Ceremony items, Auto Bat, Books, pictures it all!! (I have an excel list) You can reach me here or at [email protected]
  4. Russ S.

    Hoard a card?! Lets see it!

  5. Russ S.

    Cal Ripken, Jr. collector's thread

    Anyone looking to buy??? Still have alot of nice early inserts, autos, GU, Patches, you name it.... [email protected]
  6. Russ S.

    FS FS: Quick Sale... Rendon, Delmonico, Harvey, Fernandez, Russell, Miller, Almonte, McCullers

    Looking for some quick Paypal. All Prices are PP Gift. Fast Secure Shipping w/ Tracking. Immediate Payment required. Nicky Delmonico ($95 Lot Deal) 2011 Leaf Valiant Player Edition SP $5 Green Auto $8 Blue Auto /99 $12 Orange Auto /25 $20 Purple Auto /25 $20 2011 Leaf Draft Purple Auto /25...
  7. Russ S.

    WTB $250 to Spend on these Chrome Autos!

    2011 Leaf Valiant Player Edition SP Green Auto Blue Auto /99 Orange Auto /25 Purple Auto /25 2011 Leaf Draft Purple Auto /25 Red Auto /5
  8. Russ S.

    What car do you drive?

    2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport Sent from my SCH-I535 using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  9. Russ S.

    2013 Topps Chrome Manny Machado Auto's Shipping.

    My Blue Refractor Auto /199 Arrived today via Fed-Ex.
  10. Russ S.

    FS Brian Roberts... Any Yanks Fans looking??

    Have a TON of Roberts Cards. Way too many to list unless i get some interest here. RC's, Auto, Patches, Logos, you name it.
  11. Russ S.

    FS/FT Uncut Sheet... Any Value here??

    1984 Topps Nestle
  12. Russ S.

    Why can't MLB look like this??

    Was just hit down the road at the Blowout Store (Posted on their FB page) What a great looking card. WHY CAN'T Baseball CARDS look this good. Clean look, on card auto, well thought out card.
  13. Russ S.


    Just tied O's Franchise record with his MLB leading 50th HR. What an amazing year Chris is having. Amazing offensive numbers and INCREDIBLE defense at 1st. And he's a class act to boot. Thrilled for him. Video: [email protected]: Davis belts his 50th home run of the season | MLB.com
  14. Russ S.

    When prospects get traded... grrrrr.

    I think i'm done with this prospecting "game". I always pick 2 prospects every year the O's draft and start early and usual go hard on anything and everything i can get. So the past months 4 of my guys have gotten traded. Booooooo. Jake Arrieta, Nick Delmonico, LJ Hoes, and Xavier Avery. So...
  15. Russ S.

    MODS... Check PM's... Trouble a brewing... ScHmIdTy24

    Spamming via PM's.

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