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    LOOKING for these 8

    lets get more going
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    LOOKING for these 8

    crossed one off the list. lets get the snowball rolling!
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    LOOKING for these 8

    lets get a bump and a card
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    f/s BARRY Sanders / Ricky WILLIAMS (rc yr) Millennium Auto /100

    $250 shipped slight corner imperfection (front bottom left) FULL autograph (most have Barry signature extending to bottom edge)
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    F/S VINCE Carter DUNK N GO Nuts

    300 SHIPPED. minimal acetate "yellowing"
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    WTB/WTTF Rare Mo Vaughn Cards

    have a mo grand finale. back has a surface crease i circled the area in orange.
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    LOOKING for these 8

    end of april bump
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    Fernando Tatis extended...

    same thing happened to michael conforto. he came back and didn't really miss a beat.
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    LOOKING for these 8

    last day of march bump
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    1997 ULTRA Stars Gold

    i messed up trying to pick up a camby recently. someone please help me get one of these cards for my collection. i prefer camby or marbury. will consider other lesser players. willing to spend $150 for camby and more/less for other players. thanks! posting an image for reference.
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    LOOKING for these 8

    lets see if March can bring some luck bump
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    LOOKING for these 8

    feeling like it lol
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    LOOKING for these 8

    maybe we can get this back on track tonight with something on my list
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    LOOKING for these 8

    im not chris. if you click his user name you can see who i assume is the chris is he speaks of. im just looking for piazza cards and am willing to pay out the ass for them lol. happy new year eve bump!

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