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  1. Slette

    WTB Donruss Elite RCs of Chad Greenway, Abdul Hodge, Dallas Clark, and Fred Russell

    I was able to add a few over the summer, still looking for more.
  2. Slette

    WTB Seeking 2014 Topps All Star Jumbo Patches /6, AS Clear /10, and other parallels

    Want list below - if you can help, please let me know: CAMO /99 55. Jon Lester 97. Salvador Perez 98. Anthony Rizzo 201. Derek Norris 247. Tony Watson 289. Adam Wainwright 297. Zack Greinke 305. Sean Doolittle 329. Todd Frazier BLACK /63 54. Mike Trout 151. Robinson Cano 216. Andrew...
  3. Slette

    WTB Jason Kubel 2003 Donruss Elite autos and die-cuts

    Only looking for autos and die cuts at this time. PMs work best, please have a price or a ballpark asking figure in mind. Thanks!
  4. Slette

    WTB Donruss Elite RCs of Chad Greenway, Abdul Hodge, Dallas Clark, and Fred Russell

    Title says it all - looking for the base RCs, die cuts, autos, and plates of Dallas Clark (2003), Chad Greenway (2006), and Abdul Hodge (2006). I will pay handsomely for any you may have - multiples welcomed.
  5. Slette

    WTB Buying: Artie Lange A&G auto

    Please have price in mind - may also buy a red ink if the price is right
  6. Slette

    Obamacare Question

    Let's see if I can get an answer before this inevitably devolves into a partisan pissing contest. I seem to remember hearing or reading that with the implementation of Obamacare, one of the benefits would be that newly graduated college students would be able to qualify for these jobs created...
  7. Slette

    WTB Looking for high-end Shane Battier

    Figured it's worth a shot, anyone have any?
  8. Slette

    Fleer Retro Is Live

    From Hong Kong: 2012 Fleer Retro M 41 Robert Griffin III SP Metal RC Card One Day Only | eBay Not wild about stickers in an expensive product like this: 2012 Fleer Retro Marvin McNutt SP Rookei Sensations RC Auto Card One Day Only | eBay 2012 Fleer Retro Aaron Rodgers Golden Touch Die Cut...
  9. Slette


  10. Slette

    Quite Possibly the Dumbest Question Ever Asked On These Boards...

    ... but I'm going to ask anyway. Are bubble mailers recyclable? I've thrown them in my recycling bin for the longest time, but I also used to do that with pizza boxes before I learned you weren't supposed to include them. Any ideas?
  11. Slette

    Christopher Dorner Located - Streaming Coverage

    Live Video « CBS Los Angeles Sounds like there's a standoff going on.
  12. Slette

    WTB Buying: '12 Topps variation SP's and Tall Boy lots

    I know flagship has cooled off some, but I wanted to see what's out there. Not looking for the factory set variations. I'm about 1/3 of the way on a second tall boy set, so I'd love to chip away at those too. Please have prices in mind
  13. Slette

    WTB WTB: Christian Ponder Topps Chrome Gold Ref auto

    Thought I'd check and see if anyone on here has one. Please have a price in mind and also a scan
  14. Slette

    FS FS: RGIII Topps Chrome Camo Auto /105 - $375

    Just got it in, when, of course, a big PC card emerged. The scan I have is from the eBay auction I won and humongous so I don't want to post it here and get yelled at, but if you're interested, I can PM you the link to my auction. I'm heading out of town this weekend, so if I don't get back to...

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