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    What are some examples of comic book cover style cards?

    There's been several inserts over the years, and a couple sets. Diamond Heroes is what came to my mind first as they're probably the most on-the-nose. Going back to the 60s or 70s, there was a Fleer set that used Bazooka-style cartoons to tell about old time baseball stories but not like a...
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    MLB Showdown Collectors/Collections?

    There's a shop here in town that's been around 30+ years. I would be they have some of this stuff in there as they carry CCGs as well as sports. They don't do a great job of keeping fresh stock available, seems like some of the same cards have been sitting in the cases as long as the shop has...
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    New eBay scumbag

    Buys a 9 and expects a 10? And ebay sides with him because they can't see the card? Stories like this make me want to jump ship from ebay but there's really no competition yet.
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    2019 Topps Allen Ginter Egg Card

    There are some random A&G cards that sell incredibly wel, like the Portnoy, Cryptocurrency, and this one. I don't know what the Jenner connection is, and at this point I'm afraid to ask.
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    Barry Bonds last year on HOF ballot

    Homers excite fans. Homers drove TV viewership and attendance. Homers drove sales of newspapers/web traffic. Homers drove player salaries to new heights. No one involved wanted to find any problems with shift in the game to powerball and the video game numbers some players were able to achieve.
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    Prospectors - Is Zach McKinstry someone to chase for "investment"?

    No, he's got zero heat prospectwise but people always go nuts for Topps S1 stuff. New season, new names, people with pent-up demand after a couple months of lackluster releases, plus he's a WS-Winning Dodger even if he didn't play in it, then throw in the craziness of the market for the past...
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    2003 Topps Chrome Lebrons have been on an upwards trajectory all season. My wife freaked out today when she saw where these BGS 9s ended, at about $6000-$8000 each, up from about $3000 at the start of the season. PWCC and Probstein lead the way, but there are numerous others in the same range...
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    1990 Leaf Frank Thomas

    I know they go easy on rough cut edges from vintage issues like OPC hockey just because they're all like that. The edge grade is more about how it's been handled, and flaws like fraying paper layers or dings or color touches or flakiness. I don't know if that's universal rule for all sets...
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    New card year releases are always chaotic and full of surely regrettable purchases. Not sold yet but the first 2021 Topps short-printed variation "Masked Trout" has hit ebay for $2000. 2021 Topps 1952 Redux Luis Robert = $355 2021 Topps 1986 Insert Jo Adell = $40 2021 Topps Through The Years...
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    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    For the first package I've shipped using this service, it looks like you get full tracking. Of course, it has to actually be scanned at each stop along the way, but that problem has always existed. Feb 6, 2021 11:28am Delivered 94553 Feb 6, 2021 3:14am Out for Delivery OAKLAND, CA 94615...
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    Does anyone have any insight into the current state of the USPS?

    I will say that for me, delivery has improved greatly in the past couple weeks. Almost all of my recent purchases have arrived within a week. I sent out 3 sold cards last Monday and the one I sent in a PWE with the new ebay cheapie shippie trackie service was delivered Saturday. The other two...
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    MySlabs doesn’t mess around

    They seem to be pretty active in cultivating their community. I got a list of requirements for selling and it was a bit more than I remember being required by ebay. Including: Which active members of the Facebook and IG card community can speak to your character if needed? Please provide...
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    Player collector doldrums

    I thought I'd be stuck on my Sizemore collection just waiting for 1/1s to pop up since I have a copy of pretty much everything numbered above 10 or so, or so I thought. I've been relying on my memory when I check the listings, though I am good about adding thing to my watchlist and checking up...
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    New low cost shipping option for eBay...

    Sold my first card with 71 cent shipping. Here's what I got to print out. I assume you can trim away all the whitespace to fit on a PWE or something. It put my ebay ID under my name in the return address. Seems useful but I'd rather not.
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    A BGS 9.5 2014 Flawless Lou Gehrig sold for $325. This set is 100 cards, numbered to 20, with a diamond embedded in them. I've been collecting this set since it came out and that's the highest price I've seen on any such card. Maybe a green #/5 or 1/1 may have sold for more, but that's a...

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