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  1. Sonic311

    Post eye candy pics of baseball cards

    Here's a few from the PC
  2. Sonic311

    August pick up/pulls

  3. Sonic311

    August pick up/pulls

    A few new Piazza's
  4. Sonic311

    Erstad bat barrel - help finding the 4/4?

    Amazing that you have 3 of the 4. Will keep an eye out for that 4/4.
  5. Sonic311

    August pick up/pulls

    Just got this Piazza LAD/FL/NYM Patch card /25
  6. Sonic311

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    I personally love them and remember trying to acquire them from the "Pinnacle" guy selling them a few years back. I hope you got it at a good price.
  7. Sonic311


    It might come as shocker to some but mine is a Piazza...lol
  8. Sonic311

    May pickup Thread

    Those Piazza's are awesome, would love to have them in my PC. Someday
  9. Sonic311

    The "Social Distancing - Shelter In Place - I'm Lonely & Bored" Card Contest

    Another one from the same set too.
  10. Sonic311

    Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

    Cool. Appreciate you looking out The commons I need are: 1995 Score Gold Rush #210 Todd Van Poppel 1995 Score Gold Rush #227 Robin Ventura 1995 Score Gold Rush #285 Turk Wendell 1995 Score Gold Rush #275 Graeme Lloyd
  11. Sonic311

    Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

    Thanks. I need Bonds, Maddux, Mattingly, Larkin, A-Rod, McGriff and a few other common players.
  12. Sonic311

    *** February 2020 Pickup Thread ***

    Crossed off some big names from my 1995 Score Gold Rush Redeemed/Punched want list
  13. Sonic311

    Kirby Puckett Collectors Thread

    I picked up that 1995 Score Gold Rush Puckett along with a handful of other big names. Missed out on the Bonds and Mattingly offered up by the same seller which I also needed. I set out to complete the set about 7 years ago and am only 10 cards away from completing that goal. 330 Total cards...
  14. Sonic311

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Awesome find spcollector! I PC Piazza, found the GOIN YARD one last year but still missing this one. Interested in this one if it's fs/ft. Let me know