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    FS/FT 1939 JSA Pirates Team Ball Wanger Both Waners Traynor 4 HOFs

    $899 but open to PSA Vintage HOFs for trade (multiples trade in my favor a bit or one big card). Please email me at [email protected] if you have any interest as I don't check my pms here much. It's listed on that other site (sold by spahnandsain). Really nice ball, have all the JSA paperwork...
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    Thoughts on Jose Vinicio Red Sox Shortshop?

    First a shout out to Tim, owner of The Dugout in Hickory, NC. After buying a box of 10' EEE, he randomly pulled a pack out of from a open box of 10' EEE and gave it to me for my birthday. Machado redemption /425 auto to go nicely with the emerald I pulled at his shop a few months ago (Any word...
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    Thoughts on Killebrew

    So sorry to hear. Always thought he had one of the most beautiful sigs.
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    Very Nice 10' DEE Box Machado Emerald Status Sigs

    Can't wait to get the Machado. The Cunningham on card is nice.
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    Yeah, trading on the transaction board sucks but....

    Once and a while you can work out a trade, quickly and with a trusted trader. Thanks Zach / Nikobaseball! and Zach is so freaking cool he sent along a free surprise for my Mad Bum PC! Thanks again, a pc card forever.
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    Weekday/Weekend Pickup Thread 2011 to whenever

    Free box and pack from customer appreciation night: From my good friend Tom Garkocollector
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    Good times:Metal Break, Star Autos, Alomar ? and I'm INSANO!

    Had a great day, went with my buddy to the card shop after disc golf, needing some Card Saver II's for my PSA sub. Ended up working a deal for the Blyleven and Feller autos. Anyone know about a price on the Alomar #'d to 50? I think I did pretty good paying $4, since #'d inserts were actually...
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    Looking for 71' Topps Lots or Singles VG-Nrmt

    Would like to trade / buy about any 71 topps. Wanye/Krom was cool enough to get me started and it gave me a spark of set building that I had lost. I want to somehow pay him back and complete this set. Bought some lots, don't care too much about condition, don't have a checklist as I am far...
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    Weekday/Weekend Pickup Thread 2011 to whenever

    There you are! Glad it wasn't a diamond king so I wouldn't have to go against you! Just missed one for $15 a few weeks ago. Isn't it #d to 80? Beautiful card.
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    Weekday/Weekend Pickup Thread 2011 to whenever

    You know it's a good mailday when we start off with the HAWK! Love rookie cup cards. I wish psa would cut the flip a little thinner from left to right. It makes the flip wavy in the case, seems bad from my recent subs. 2 pick ups for my Braves cert auto collection (Archives, ATFF, GOTG...
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    Bowman Sterling Hobby Box (6 packs) w/ prospect questionSCAN

    Absolutely lost my mind and spent my most on wax at one time. Not a prospector and know very little about these guys, but I enjoy it. My question is, if you were going to keep any of them for PC or long term investment, which ones would you keep? Was the box terrible or decent? I have no plans...
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    Weekday/Weekend Pickup Thread 2011 to whenever

    Really like your sig James! ^^^^^^
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    Post a Random Card Image

    Barry Sweet capps 10! Crappy rainy day huh? Just putting together my next psa sub. Still recovering from my dukies losing last night.
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    Post a Random Card Image

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    Post a Random Card Image


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