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  1. spurstuff

    Probstein - switching to ACH payments from Paypal

    eBay making that change has slowed the payment reaching your account same day. It now takes as long as 3 days to get your payment. That sucks.
  2. spurstuff

    MrMopar's First* Annual Baseball's Back Contest - CLOSED TO NEW ENTRIES (WINNER TBA AT SEASON'S END, IF WE HAVE ONE!)

    HR Judge NYY - 51 HITS Trout CA - 210 RBI - Abreu CES - 125 W - Cole NYY - 21 K - Beiber CI - 245 S - Pressly HA - 32 Thanks for the contest!
  3. spurstuff

    Are any other eBay sellers here still experiencing slow mail delivery?

    Most of my delays have been mailing to the MidWest. Chicago & Ohio areas are really slow. Most everything else is moving well.
  4. spurstuff

    2020 Baseball Season?

    Just read today (7/1) that Minor League Baseball season is cancelled. Wonder how long before MLB follows suit?

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