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  1. sunojorel

    WTB Bowman auto's of : Eddie Rosario, Arcia, Valle, Greene, Jiwan James, and more

    Hey all looking to buy the following all are mostly base but will consider color as well: Eddie Rosario Bowman chrome auto's Arcia Platimum auto's Valle bowman auto's Jiwan James auto's (bowman) Larry Greene auto's (bowman chrome and aflac) max kepler bowman chrome auto's almora bowman...
  2. sunojorel

    WTB Let me know what you have and what you are looking for.. paypal is ready,...

    Let me know what you have and what you are looking for.. paypal is ready,...
  3. sunojorel

    WTB topps diamond codes looking for as many as possible..

    I want to finish my set for my son and need unredeemed codes. looking for as many as possible. Joe let me know what u have and what ur looking for on them. joe
  4. sunojorel

    FS bowman chrome auto's Jose Fernandez 1/1 Canary included

    2011 bowman chrome rymer liriano blue auto bgs9.5/10 $100 2011 bowman chrome rymer liriano red auto bgs9.5/10 $475 2011 Bowman chrome Trevor Bauer auto bgs9.5/10 $110 ea (x3) 2011 bowman chrome Trevor Bauer auto bgs10/10 $275 2011 bowman chrome bundy auto $75 (x2) 2011 bowman aflac auto Bundy...
  5. sunojorel

    WTB anyone have Danny Hultzen Ft/Fs? Also want other 11'-12' BC/DP Autos.

    these are scans of the three as discussed. thanks, joe
  6. sunojorel

    WTB Eddie Rosario and Chris Archer bowman chrome auto's........ also willint to trade if you prefer

    Please pm me with what you have I'm willing to buy all quantities of these base auto's and refractor auto's am also buying colored auto's as well. thanks, joe
  7. sunojorel

    FS/FT Bowman Chrome auto's and other High end

    More will be added sorry I'm having an issue b/c most of my files were saved in BPM and I am unsure how to convert them over. Any insight would be appreciated. Joe
  8. sunojorel

    FS/FT LTB LTT Eddie Rosario Bowman Chrome Auto's Paying Ebay prices

    Will buy any size lot. And Multiple lots as well. Base $11 ea. Refractors $21 ea pm for color. thanks, joe
  9. sunojorel

    Bowman Chrome Rymer Liriano Bowman chrome auto's

    Hey all the following are available: 2011 base Bc auto's @ $20 ea (x20) 2011 Refractor BC auto's @ $35 ea (x4) 2011 BC auto blue refractor @ $65 ea (x9) 2011 BC auto Orange refractor @ $200 ea (x2) 2011 BC auto RED REFRACTOR BGS 9.5/10 auto @ $1000 (obo)
  10. sunojorel

    does anyone know if BO is buying auto's right now?

    I know they run promotions where they buy auto's and game used from 2001 and on if they fit a certain criteria, (typicially stating something like "buying 10,000 cards") does anyone know if they are running something like this now? If so if someone could add a link it would be greatly...
  11. sunojorel

    HUGE Bowman Chrome Player auto lots QUANTITY OF ALL!!

    All are bowman chrome player lots: (not currently entertaining breaking up lots) New in blue: Archie Bradley bc auto bgs10/10 $195 Strasburg blue refractor auto bowman chrome $350 Lawrie Bowman chrome blue refractor auto #1/150 $675 [strike:22932am6]Trevor Story refractor auto's (x3) ...
  12. sunojorel

    Wow Lawrie Blue auto

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Brett-Lawrie-20 ... 2ebb4a2b7a Crazy price..
  13. sunojorel

    Mets the unknown team in on Pujols*? Sounds crazy.....

    http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; They are talking about the Mets being very aggressive in the meetings and looking to Move Ike Davis. If the get Pujols signing at about $27mm per year in a 10 year contract would put the Mets roughly 12 million over...
  14. sunojorel

    wow nationals flooding....

    http://bensbiz.mlblogs.com/2011/09/16/f ... aterworld/ crazy photo's...
  15. sunojorel

    Jeters loss...is my gain...

    Minka is single fellas... In the immortal words of Jim Carrey, so you're sayin I have a chance... http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-08-26/repo ... broken-up/

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