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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Don't need a lot of words for this one
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    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Haven't updated in a while, but here we go 1997 Flair Showcase Row 0 Legacy /100 Finally picked up the last one to complete all of the legacy cards 1997 Bowman's Best atomic refractor PSA 10 1998 Pinnacle Going Jake Printing Plate Black 1/1 I love the old pinnacle plates. So hard to come...
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    JANUARY 2020 Pickup Thread

    Probably one of the nicest patches I've ever picked up. From the 2004 All Star Game in Houston shoulder patch. I'm not sure why they didn't use it for a 1/1 card because it is a lot nicer than the 1/1s I have from the set.
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    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Been super busy so haven't posted much. Here are the new pickups. I love finding team promotion photos that are signed, just a cool piece A couple graded cards. Both of these are pretty hard to find in good condition, especially the hostess coming from a pack of cupcakes. 1997 SP...
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    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Got some new pickups to share 2002 Fleer Box Score Bat Racks Printers Proofs 2005 Topps Heritage Chrome Black Refractor /55 This was the last black Refractor that I needed to complete the run 2009 Topps Sketch Card 1/1 Didn't realize he was included in this set, but its a sharp looking...
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    November Pick Ups

    Did some scanning this afternoon
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    Whats your best find in a dollar bin

    Found it at the national 3 years ago I think. Best $1 find ever
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    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Got around to scanning another bunch of my pickups so here goes 1997 Bowman's Best Mirror Image inverted Refractor This was the one inverted I was missing. It is also missing the refractor wording, so I may have to try and find one with the "refractor" on it 1998 Select 2 star 1998 Select...
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    Ohio State Football Game Used and Auto collection

    I don't update this thread often enough. Some good ones to share Go Bucks!
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    The Super Sweet Early 00's Thread

    Some more to post
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    October Pick Ups

    A few more pickups
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    Official Jeff Bagwell Collectors Thread

    Been really behind on scanning and posting but getting around to it today. So here it goes 1996 SP Marquee Matchups Die-cut PSA 9 While I'm not big into graded stuff, I do like picking up die-cuts from the 90s that are a 9 or 10 1998 Leaf Rookies and Stars Great American Heroes Executive...
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    The Super Sweet Early 00's Thread

    Some pickups over the last few months Thanks for looking Dan
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    September Pick Ups

    Haven't posted in a while so not all of these are from this month, but I have a bunch of pickups to show off
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    August 2019 acquisitions

    Best pickup of the national Sent from my SM-G973U using Freedom Card Board mobile app

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