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    Topps you're killing me.. (Edgar Martinez Auto's)

    Looks like they’ve done a better job picking awesome looking cards as opposed to repeatedly using 1995 Topps. Those look amazing Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  2. Topnotchsy

    clarkzac's HOF Collection

    Great collection! There’s a remarkable amount of history here, so many all-time greats and you have cards from some great looking sets. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  3. Topnotchsy

    The Passing of a Member...

    Rachel, we are truly sorry for your loss. We got to know James through these boards, and he was a real part of our weird, virtual, baseball-obsessed family. We miss him here but know that our loss is nothing compared to yours. I hope you and your family find solace in the happy memories. He...
  4. Topnotchsy

    August pick up/pulls

    Picked up this picture of the 1947 New York Cubans, and I've been in the process (with the help of a group focused on the Negro Leagues on Facebook, which includes family members of former Negro League players) of ID'ing as many players as I can. The 1947 New York Cubans were Negro World Series...
  5. Topnotchsy

    August pick up/pulls

    Great pickup! I've been picking up early 2000 game-used of Ruth, Gehrig, Jackie and a few of the biggest names recently. I wrote something up about this recently, but I don't believe we will ever see game0used like they made in the early 2000's. If you do the math, a Ruth jersey today can...
  6. Topnotchsy

    The Passing of a Member...

    Really well said. The internet has created places for for all of us to find others who share our interests and passions, and there are many people here who I view as friends, but at the same time, in most cases, there is a barrier and a distance that is difficult to overcome without meeting in...
  7. Topnotchsy

    July pick up thread

    That was one of the best sets over the last 20 years IMO, and many people don't realize that GU versions exist. Killer pickup!
  8. Topnotchsy

    Old time member memories

  9. Topnotchsy

    Can anyone hit .400 this year?

    A counterpoint here is someone like Jacob DeGrom. He has 2 Cy Young awards in a row. In a season like this, he will have a harder time winning, since in a short season it's more likely that someone gets hot and has a ridiculous start even if they aren't great. He had a chance to do something...
  10. Topnotchsy

    Leake, Zimmermann and Ross opt out

    They are bleeding money. Losing the TV money for the 60 games is a loss for everyone. It’s no different than other businesses. Baseball is a mess now and I expect more than one team to sell or declare bankruptcy in the next 6-12 months, but they will to open if they can. Sent from my iPhone...
  11. Topnotchsy

    WTB WTB High end Jim Edmonds cards, Edmonds patches and high end autos

    Not a card, but I have a game-used lineup card from 1993 from Edmonds brief callup (he played just 18 games that season. I'd be looking for $75 for it. If interested, feel free to pm me and I can get you a scan. Not sure if you only collect cards, or if something like that would be of interest.
  12. Topnotchsy

    Thoughts on Jose Canseco's cards long term

    I think the hobby market and particularly 80’s rookies (along with modern stars like Acuna) have seen increases over the last few months. Opinions differ but I think many are pointing to a country full of people who can’t go out, can’t spend money in places they usually do (like eating out...
  13. Topnotchsy

    May pickup Thread

    Signed with the date he integrated the AL. That’s incredible. Sent from my iPhone using Freedom Card Board
  14. Topnotchsy

    May pickup Thread

    Wow. I didn't know they made with game-used glove cards. That's a killer piece!
  15. Topnotchsy

    Cool Negro League/Barnstorming pickup

    Found it!! https://joeposnanski.substack.com/p/three-buck-stories

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