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    Team Specific Inserts/Updates/Traded/Oddball for trade - Your team for my team (Dodgers)

    I will check my Amount of DODGERS boxes but i know most are base . I should have at least 4 /3200 counts --some in alpha order . counting all 3200 counts i have over 300 full all sorted to teams . not many Dodgers fans in NC but i'm in a team collector group.
  2. tramers

    *****MONDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/25

    Atlanta $800 for standing room ----I'll stay home
  3. tramers

    Before there was Card Vandals...

    DRINK MUCH ???
  4. tramers

    Favorite team bias?

    Advantage of having minor league team in town and in group where we furnish road bags / snacks for them .I can get most autos even some away teams .Always a few that DON'T sign .Many autos are unreadable . Here's something to do ---get picture with G/F's or wife .
  5. tramers

    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/24

    sleep thru game ---wife woke me after ---took awhile to see SCORE --everybody talking won --LOL -- Almost 14 hour day before i got back home I was tired ----had fun with vendors on my sides = pillows and ear rings across was signs / candles . Well run place / they gave out free bottles of water...
  6. tramers

    *****SUNDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/24

    only made 1/2 of goal at set up ---- need to sell ear rings / pillows LOL
  7. tramers

    *****SATURDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/23

    well after buying tank of gas and taking wife out to eat at her favorite fish camp --todays $$ almost gone ----made close to C Note that's still alot of 2/5 dollar sales
  8. tramers

    *****SATURDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/23

    getting coffee and headed to show ----long day 8/4 opens 10 one hour set up time
  9. tramers

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/22

    I don't have any kin in this state ----only two other first cousins 78/80 , i don't know families . can't count wifes kin --just use phone book
  10. tramers

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/22

    I have a burn barrel for all mail etc
  11. tramers

    *****FRIDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/22

    UGH ---no shuttle this morning - had bad night up early FORGOT then biggest error I HOPE of day = woke up wife saying shuttle time . Traded some 1980's Dolphins to local collector for a couple cards I'll trade away .
  12. tramers

    *****THURSDAY MORNING THREAD*****10/21

    sport is when we go and pick up players -----business is when someone gets PAID -entertainment with commercials -----watch betting lines . Those 1/2 point games are ????????
  13. tramers


    Taking the cheap ones to show Saturday -------- I took to a GEEK with this stuff ---- before looking up value he was telling me prices . This place is BIG TIME "MAGIC " place . I'll see people spend $100.00 every week on comics etc
  14. tramers


    picked these up years ago in a box trade of misc items .
  15. tramers


    just had some older Pokemon cards priced ===== one almost $300.00 ungraded --several others over $100.00

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