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  1. tramers

    *****GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 1/24

  2. tramers

    *****GOOD SATURDAY MORNING***** 1/23

    WELL I DID BUY BREAKFAST--------- i can see a fast food place from home - about ten houses away three streets / cross highway ----Well line was around building -drove one mile and back to another ---same truck still in line
  3. tramers

    *****GOOD SATURDAY MORNING***** 1/23

    nothing planned -----wife hasn't informed me
  4. tramers

    ****Good Morning FRIDAY 1/22/21****

    Five years ago we had a bad snow storm . Certain voters are asking to be adding to another site i'm on -------- FIVE are deceased -i knew them -- I'm needing baseball - something to do ------ Well selling does pay on my habit of buying cards
  5. tramers

    ****Good Morning THURSDAY 1/21/21****

    REFILL COFFEE ----------posting on Ebay --fun fun
  6. tramers

    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/20/21****

    Well i do have LONG time friends that will tell me NO STORIES about 50 fifty years ago ---i just laugh . Well back therapy is 19 stop lights from here = 15 minutes away with luck --- have to leave in 30 minutes AAHHH the PAIN
  7. tramers

    ****Good Morning WEDNESDAY 1/20/21****

    she needs a tan ---spring time will be great - my pool has a high fence ----HAD to install six foot vinyl fence recently ---Some county law about OLD / FAT / NAKED GUY walking around pool making neighbors sick ----I did moon some low flying planes
  8. tramers

    ****Good morning thread 1/19/21****

    shuttle pick up in Maiden to past Pumpkin Center to Newton = two hour drive UGH
  9. tramers

    *****SATURDAY MT***** 1/16

    I was going to send a minor league baseball but too young
  10. tramers

    ****Good morning thread 1/19/21****

    ages on others ?
  11. tramers

    *******GOOD MONDAY MORNING***** 1/18/21

    strange people just keep popping up
  12. tramers

    *******GOOD MONDAY MORNING***** 1/18/21

    run around with insurance ----- now on hold for heart operation ----
  13. tramers

    *******GOOD MONDAY MORNING***** 1/18/21

    OH NO the goose post
  14. tramers

    *******GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 1/17

  15. tramers

    *******GOOD SUNDAY MORNING***** 1/17

    I Bought 50 bats off a dealer no info ------got one of local teams coaches --LOL -- another with name on it i could not find him anywhere in baseball

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