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    treakle23 posted the thread Minor League Postcards in Baseball.
    Does anyone have any photo postcards or photos from the 1980’s produced by Brook Treakle, Mel Bailey, or Jack Spear? Here are some images.
    • 72035277-B152-49AF-97A9-2A47995FD575.png
    • 68334492-B4D0-42A8-BB58-E09AA41E7B71.png
    • 01292A6D-5A0A-47C2-82BD-2D6EC8534127.png
    • E602A9D2-F8F5-405C-A9D7-3CE4E51C4858.png
    • CDD1DBE7-1ACE-40FA-BF3D-CBD5B4020F05.png
    • 4C040FEE-849D-424F-9056-9039EE70CCD1.png
    • 2E6A7202-47A8-4413-94F3-4B8F761B357D.png

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