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Where I live, there is ZERO places within 250-300 miles that I can just walk into a store and buy hobby boxes, supplies, want lists and much less a Beckett ( which no biggie there)
Talk about frustrating. Been collecting for 30+ years. Hopefully this site helps me get sets complete, wanted cards, etc without going to Ebay and paying too much to "pick 20 to complete your set" when I need 1-2 cards.

Huge collector of Emmitt Smith cards, autos and such. Est 1800 different.Collection was started by my father in late 50's. Not willing to ditch a lot of the vintage he passed on to me but willing to share pics of some!!
Recently started selling on eBay but not a lot of time to list there. Boy that opened my eyes to prices, trends, etc..Stopped collecting from 2001 - 2009. Got sick of overproduced products. Anybody want a ton of crap from the 90's?

I collect it all though (Baseball & Football)

Collecting of course, golfing, darts,
Dickinson, North Dakota, United States
Hotel Management, also BJ dealer
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