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  1. waintrain

    Was this "cut signature" really nessessary? WTF????????

    Michael Wacha Cut Signature Card 1 1 Auto Texas A M St Louis Cardinals 1 Pick | eBay Pretty sure that's a $10 Sterling USA Dual Auto cut up, for sale for $100. Again, WTF?
  2. waintrain

    St. Louis Cardinals Collectors Thread

    Here are pics of the Relics
  3. waintrain

    Christmas Breaks EDIT: 2 Sick Boxes of 12 Draft!! Zunino.....

    I decided to have one thread for all that I break open for the Holidays. And I'll start with this: I'll just list the highlights once I'm done.
  4. waintrain

    Prospectors: Who did you get rid of to early/late?

    I wouldn't consider myself a prospector, but I bust wax and keep the prospects. My question is who did you sell off too early, or too late. Too Late: 2011 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor AU JD Martinez /50 (Still have it) - I remember when this was a $150 card. last one went for $22 BIN :( 2010...
  5. waintrain

    FT AU/GU/#'d/Oddballs/Manu Patches...... Looking for Cardinals and others.

    I'm looking for these in return: Cardinals Giancarlo Stanton Jacob Turner Cody Asche Prospects Star Rookie Year (or before) Autos EDIT: I'll also take lots from the following sets: 2011-12 Topps Heritage Minors (Base-Tints-Black-Autos-GU) 2010-12 Topps Pro Debut (Base-Blue-Gold-Autos-GU-Inserts)...
  6. waintrain


    I found this auction on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-SP-Authentic-By-The-Letter-Signatures-BRIAN-BARDEN-AUTOGRAPH-AUTO-30-75-/140893380695?pt=US_Baseball&hash=item20cde66057 At first I see that the title has Brian Barden, while Dan Haren is pictured. No big deal, but the description says...
  7. waintrain

    FT Low End Inserts/Parallels/#'d/Autos/GU.... Looking for Cardinals....

    I've been working on this site for a few days, and I've added wantlists, and tradelists, which I will be adding to through out tomorrow. If you are looking for a team/player, then LMK and I will put together a lot. I'd like Cardinals in return, or prospects, and others in my sig. Also if there...
  8. waintrain

    What's your best pull from a single pack?

    Ever since buying 1 2007 bowman HTA pack and pulling a Brandon Morrow 1/1 Plate, I had never pulled such a good card from one pack, until last Christmas. I got a 2011 bowman draft rack pack and pulled this one:
  9. waintrain

    Any suggestions on how I should list this?

    I bought a Royals jersey from goodwill a while back. I've never sold a jersey on eBay, so I was wondering how I should list it. Any help is appreciated.
  10. waintrain


    Just got this maple bacon donut! Delicious!

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