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  1. walt_altmen

    Advice: Wrinkled PSA Label

    definitely not an overnight process just like it didn't happen overnight. set it near a low level heat source like a desk lamp too.
  2. walt_altmen

    MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread (and other interesting items on a slow mailday)

    still nothing great added after 8 months. jeeze. and bazinga. ;)
  3. walt_altmen

    Advice: Wrinkled PSA Label

    no need to reslab. grab some of the moisture absorber packets and stick the slabs and a couple of those in a ziplock bag for a couple of days. flips will straighten back out. then grab a couple of the larger closet ones and stick in your collection wherever you're storing them. mozzie...
  4. walt_altmen

    juan soto & anthony rendon thread

    game over. run done.
  5. walt_altmen

    Hobby/Retail wax hording

    hard to claim the lottery winnings unless you scratch those too. but hoarding wax and the price associated with it comes from the "what if" factor. the "0, 00" downfall on this gamble are the redemption cards that are inserted and their impending expiration dates.
  6. walt_altmen

    *** February 2020 Pickup Thread ***

    not a relic card. the refractor itself is #1/5 w albies actual jersey number being #1. pretty decent amount of jersey card collectors out there and usually premiums are attached to them. same goes w/ first and last cards of the print run. even independence day cards numbered to 17/76...
  7. walt_altmen

    *** February 2020 Pickup Thread ***

    just tiny stickers i made up. helps me remember
  8. walt_altmen

    *** February 2020 Pickup Thread ***

    albies jersey card 1/5
  9. walt_altmen

    *** February 2020 Pickup Thread ***

    thanks! and kinda what drew me too this particular card. technically /999 but w. the implosion of the brand, there's still many that never left the factory. usually check for new ones to be listed weekly and never see more than 10 or so listed at a time. many of those are repeats for...
  10. walt_altmen

    *** February 2020 Pickup Thread ***

    was never a big trout fan but w rendon headed out that way, i figured i'd pick up a few trout cards. us175 seems to have too much hype and a ton of trimming associated to it. decided to go against the grain and start picking these guys up. they seem severely undervalued. aesthetically, his...
  11. walt_altmen


    nnof, no foil & the rally squirrel proof:
  12. walt_altmen

    Pete Alonso 2020 series 1 SSSP is a what?!

    of course. but let's see, the polar bear or rally squirrel card or this beaut?
  13. walt_altmen

    Pete Alonso 2020 series 1 SSSP is a what?!

    cooler than a polar bears toe nails, oh hell here i go again, talkin that sh... (3 internet points if you know the reference w/o looking)

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