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    April 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Not much in the mail today but what is there is nice. This one finishes up my Bagwell PSA RC run, at least until I can find a PSA10 Studio for sale that I can afford. There are only 16 PSA10s and 97 PSA9s so I'm happy with a 9 for now. Cardinals stuff: 1947-1966 Exhibits Stan Musial- I'll...
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    Do you think that sports card sales will stay strong or do you think a fall is coming?

    Are they really that tough? I think I've got 8 copies of the Jeff Frye 1997 Ultra Platinum (my spreadsheet says 6 but I've got 2 or 3 in a stack of stuff that hasn't gotten updated yet). Jeff is in Series 2 as well. There's one with a ton of snow on eBay right now. Do I really have the entire...
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    April 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Nice varied mail day today It wasn't intended but I ended up with a bunch of acetate cards in the mail today. I really just bought this lot for the Waino Rookie Auto but the cards are so nice I think I'll build the set 2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Rookie Autos I bought a starter set of...
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    April 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Only one card in the mail today so I'll add some more of the 90s stuff from yesterday Today's card for my Ginter Autos set, Iron Chef Marc Forgione More 90s stuff
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    April 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    I got a couple more pieces for the Reyes collection. The blue refractor is /150. I love the Archives '82 Topps design too. Just a little sample of the 90s goodness that showed up today, including some Bagwells for my PC. I didn't realize the McGwire Pizzazz was the Gold Medallion till I had...
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    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    Agreed. Unless it is just something I can't get elsewhere I won't be buying anything on COMC for a while. I won't rule out buying from them again in the future if they sort out the shipping mess though.
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    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    From what I'm seeing online even their eBay shipments are taking forever too.
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    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    I haven't bought anything on there since my last request in March so I guess I'm kind of boycotting? It's more like cautious waiting. I've never used anything but the basic $3.99/$4.99 shipping option. 99% of everything I buy on COMC is PC so I'm not stressing delivery times much. I basically...
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    April 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Hall of Fame RCs for $5 each? Sure thing. The second one has a soft corner but it happens. Weird custom Ginter set variation? Sure why not. This one finished up my 2008 Munnatawket Bat Company Ginter Miniatures Tribute set. And one more small piece for the Reyes RC collection
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    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    Did anyone else not seeing this post coming?
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    April 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Today's mail day brought a question, well actually a couple of them. All of the other Significant Signatures singles I've picked up are numbered /2,000 other than the Ryan non-refractor that's /1,000. The other Kiners I've seen are numbered as well. What the heck did i just buy? Proof...
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    April 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Few Alex Reyes for the Cardinals collection today. The Stadium Club auto with the throwback uniform is my favorite. That's just a fantastic looking card all around. 2017 Topps Flagship sadly was a terrible year for parallel designs. I don't know why on earth they did them that way with the...
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    2021 Collecting Goals

    Jeff Frye - No movement on this front sadly. Ryan Helsley - I already met my goal of adding 5 from the non 1/1 list with these so my goal for the rest of the year is to add 5 more. That should prove interesting because I only need 11 non 1/1s total. 1. 2015 Bowman Chrome Draft Black Wave...
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    Long term: Tiffany or O-Pee-Chee?

    The metal wire thing is actually true, impossible sounding as it may be.

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