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    98 Topps Gold Label Home Run Race Question

    Thanks, looking to buy one, *think* I'm getting a good price but the card is not serial numbered. I've actually never seen a serial numbered one, even after a google image search. So just checking with the experts here on their opinions.
  2. Z

    Topps Project 2020 McGwire Artist Proof Silver Frame # 20/20 Grotesk

    Bumping revising price to $250 shipped venmo or PayPal FF. These were $300 from Topps, I just want to move it for Griffey funds. Where my McGwire guys at?
  3. Z

    98 Topps Gold Label Home Run Race Question

    Looking for some clarity here as I rely on baseballcardpedia for information when I'm not familiar with a set. Baseballcardpedia states that the 1998 Topps Gold Label inserts Home Run Race, that the red parallel is serial numbered to 61. I've seen several red Griffey, McGwire, Sosa... none of...
  4. Z

    Ken Griffey Jr 1999 Fleer Mystique 1/1 Masterpiece Found!

    And when he does, please notify us. I don't have an ebay notice set for Masterpiece 1 of 1 😂
  5. Z

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

    How high we think it's going? 2k? 3k? 5k? The limited high end Griffey's have been going nuts in their last 30 minutes.
  6. Z

    COMC - Anyone have anything positive to say in 2021?

    Amazing how Comc can manage to ship within 2 days when it's a sale on Ebay.....
  7. Z

    Do you think that sports card sales will stay strong or do you think a fall is coming?

    Wall St has gotten involved. Medium and High end cards aren't dropping any time soon.
  8. Z

    SOLD 2012 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card Yoenis Cespedes Beckett 10 Pristine

    For sale $15 shipped in bubble mailer Venmo or Paypal FF. 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Rookie Card Yoenis Cespedes Becket 10 Pristine - All 10s, Corners 9.5.
  9. Z

    Super Box Miguel Sano Autograph 50/52 FS $10

    The card isn't marked with a year, I believe it was around 2013. Super Box Miguel Sano Autograph numbered 50/52. $10 shipped Venmo or Paypal FF. See images for card condition, edges are all solid, back bottom left corner has a slight white.
  10. Z

    1995 Metal Marvel 4 Card Lot FS $20

    1995 Metal Marvel 4 Card Lot - $20 shipped bubble mailer with tracking - paypal FF or Venmo -Limited Edition Metal Blaster - Cable - Card 1 of 18 -Hulk 2099 #47 -Carnage #71 -Venom #80
  11. Z

    SOLD Various Alex Rodriguez SOLD

    @dstrawberryfan39 I sent a message
  12. Z

    Target sign limiting cards is awesome

    This isn't really limiting anything is it? If you're first in line you can buy them all.
  13. Z

    Topps Project 2020 McGwire Artist Proof Silver Frame # 20/20 Grotesk

    In original plastic and will ship with original box as well, Topps Project 2020 McGwire Artist Proof Silver Frame numbered 20/20 by artist Grotesk for REDUCED TO $250 shipped venmo or paypal FF with tracking in bubble mailer.
  14. Z

    SOLD Paul Molitor 2010 Panini Century Collection 15/50 Partial Patch w Autograph

    Sure - shoot me a DM with your shipping address.

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