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  1. Re: Is McDonalds putting out Hockey Cards this year????

    I am not in Canada anymore, but I believe McDonalds has gotten out of the hockey card business. They would almost certainly be out by now, if they were doing them the traditional way.
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    Re: Anyone a fan of The Hunger Games?

    I don't know what genre it would fit in. The books are directed at teens, though, so they are relatively mild. Very mild sci-fi is probably the best description. I'd recommend the books, they are...
  3. Re: The biggest trades in Calgary Flames history.

    I think the Leafs won both of their trades with the Flames. They basically traded for guys who will be team captains for at least 10 years combined, and that doesn't happen every day.

    I loved...
  4. Re: Any amateur/pro photographers on the board?

    A lot of your decision will depend on just how bad the lighting in your gym is. The SLR will help, but some indoor settings just suck, especially for action shots. Is it possible for you to ask...
  5. Re: Guy just listed a crapload of Mike Green 1/1's

    Its probably a fan from his time with the Blades, rather than family. Green is from Calgary.

    Figure out a budget, and a priority list, and then go for it. Drop the guy a note to maybe let him...
  6. Re: What is the Best Place to Find Used NHL Ticket Stubs?

    I would try eBay, or Craig's List in Tampa.

    See if the Lightning have an active message board somewhere, and try checking that out.
  7. Re: Rookie season rules question; Miikka Kiprusoff

    That's kind of what I meant, but was he considered a "true rookie" in 00-01, 01-02, AND 02-03, or just 02-03? Just curious. I guess if he had had a great 02-03 he could have been ROY even though he...
  8. Re: Rookie season rules question; Miikka Kiprusoff

    It depends on the context. Those definitions are pretty much only for Calder Trophy eligibility.
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    Good Hockey News

    For a change.

    Former NHLer Mike Danton (yes, that Mike Danton) used the first aid training he acquired in prison to help when one of his teammates was convulsing after a hit during a game in...
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    Re: Upper Deck EPIC FAIL!!!

    Crosby has done that in the past, I think UD did it with a few guys to take advantage of their Hockey Canada license - there are multiple guys with self-dual autographs in NHL and Hockey Canada duds.
  11. Re: Does the 1994-95 Pinnacle Pierre Turgeon/Patrick Kane...

    It was a $0.10 cent card, but after the publicity it has a certain amount of value - if you want one. It happens to some common cards every so often. If you have no interest in a card that has a...
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    Re: Hockey Card Vending Machines

    I think they were only profitable at the time because hockey cards were booming. I can't imagine they would be extremely profitable now. I see the machines sometimes selling stickers. If the...
  13. Re: Plane carrying KHL team crashes - 36 dead

    So sad.

    This has been a terrible, terrible off-season for hockey.
  14. Re: The Hockey Talk Thread - Summer 2011 edition!!!

    Too soon, and there isn't enough information out there to speculate. All three of them spent a significant part of their careers in Saskatchewan as well. If you look, there are lots of coincidences...
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    Re: 2011 A&G Break

    It took me a while to figure out what was written on the card.
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    2011 A&G Break

    Pretty happy with this box. I scanned the two big hits (I think) below. If you are interested in anything else that might have been in the box, let me know.
  17. Re: I'm nauseous about this....lost my iPad2 at store

    That sucks.

    I lost my iPod at the gym, but someone turned it in at the desk when they found it.

    And just because I am not sure (but this topic seems an appropriate place to ask) - how does it...
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    2011 NCAA Sweet Spot Pack Break

    I am not sure why I felt compelled to bust this pack, but I did. It quickly earned top spot in my collection for "thickest card".
  19. Re: Has anyone gave Bone marrow or blood platelets?

    Get tested. The test to see if you are compatible will be nothing. Realistically - the odds are very long that you will be a match.

    From a friend who has done it - its painful. But, even with...
  20. Re: Can anyone help me with a math problem?

    First note - if you are submitting this to a journal, unless their manual of style specifically says "um" - go into the symbols section of whatever program you were using, and find the "mu".
  21. Re: Can anyone help me with a math problem?

    Are those units that you are trying to convert? As in something to micrometers?
  22. Re: Re-watching ST:TNG finale "All Good Things"...

    The last season of TNG was very solid. Going through and watching the entire series, there are a few cringe-worthy episodes each season, except the last one. The closest it comes to a bad one is...
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    Re: Winnipeg Jets unveil logo

    It's a C with flames coming out of the back.

    At some level, most logos can be mocked. I like the Jets logo. I really want to see what they do with the jerseys, I think they could have some...
  24. Re: Why are g/u jerseys BV so much higher in hockey?

    Hockey collectors like what they like, and they don't like what they don't like. If you want to try to compare it to other sports, you will likely give up pretty quickly. Set collecting and player...
  25. Re: Might be a great time to start investing in....

    I think they might go up a bit, but with the prices would already be low because the Thrashers didn't attract a whole lot of attention.

    Guys like Kane, Little and Burmistrov might see a bit of a...
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