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  1. RogerMarisCollector61

    Card prices = not good

    I know I've personally resisted the urge to spend big as of late, which I was not doing at all the last couple years.
  2. RogerMarisCollector61

    February 2022 - New Arrivals

    Cool cards!
  3. RogerMarisCollector61

    December 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    I'm the same as you, I get one of the colored variations of a card and I'm good. I think its cool when people do rainbows but I've always felt like for me its a better use for my money to get 5 totally different cards rather than 5 versions of the same card.
  4. RogerMarisCollector61

    *****TUESDAY MORNING THREAD*****12/14

    Currently having a strong internal debate about whether I should spend a completely insane amount of money on a card :cautious:
  5. RogerMarisCollector61

    2021 year in review: link to goals thread

    This has been such a great year for my collection its crazy actually. It started off with a bang, with the two best pickups of the year happening in the first 10 days of January. And then I had another huge pickup in March, together these are 3 of my favorite 4 cards. I've got to get around to...
  6. RogerMarisCollector61

    How much is your collection worth?

    Only by reading your question did I realize just how much I've spent on my collection in the last couple years o_O. I have become a lunatic! Though based on everyone else's results here I'm a light to moderate lunatic, so that's nice I guess! My collection is super focused and I have zero...
  7. RogerMarisCollector61

    Pedro Martinez Collector

    Sick collection, love those Sterling letter patches! My only Pedro auto, but one of my favorite cards:
  8. RogerMarisCollector61

    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Collector's Thread

    Thanks! Yeah 2005 Absolute is a great product, I was excited when I saw panini was bringing back Absolute this year but its not the same. Though to be fair, I'm biased since I'm basically just looking for Roger Maris in every new product release :geek:
  9. RogerMarisCollector61

    Game used Cards - Is anyone still a fanatic over them?

    Most of my favorite cards are GU tbh. I didn't realize most people here apparently aren't fans. More for me I guess :)
  10. RogerMarisCollector61

    November 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Nice Holliday patch! Most of the patches from 09 Unique were pretty lame that's prolly the coolest one I've seen!
  11. RogerMarisCollector61

    2005 Absolute Memorabilia Collector's Thread

    Man I've been trying to find that card for years, I've got all of Maris's jumbo patches except that one. If you ever decide to sell or know anyone who has one of the other ones please let me know!!!
  12. RogerMarisCollector61

    Phillies Pick Up Thread

    Beautiful card!
  13. RogerMarisCollector61

    March 2021 - New Arrivals Thread

    Wow that's super cool! What year is that set from?
  14. RogerMarisCollector61

    Barry Bonds last year on HOF ballot

    Several of the drugs he took WERE illegal. I don't care if he makes the hall of fame but he was 100% taking illegal drugs. Anabolic steroids, "The Cream", Tetrahydrogestrinone, etc are all very much illegal. Plus the reason "nobody seemed to care in 1998" was that we didn't know they were...
  15. RogerMarisCollector61

    January - New Arrivals Thread

    That 2001 one is gorgeous!
  16. RogerMarisCollector61

    January - New Arrivals Thread

    That McGwire pic
  17. RogerMarisCollector61

    December - New Arrivals Thread

    Been looking for an auto'd 84 topps Joe Morgan for a while, happy to finally grab one of him in a Phillies uni
  18. RogerMarisCollector61

    December - New Arrivals Thread

    2006 Topps was the first product that I had bought after a few years hiatus from the hobby (back in the day), so Frank Thomas in that A's jersey is very memorable to me weirdly enough. Piazza as an Athletic though is weird, I don't remember that at all!
  19. RogerMarisCollector61

    December - New Arrivals Thread

    Nice Blanton and Maris!
  20. RogerMarisCollector61

    2020 year in review

    I started collecting again at the start of this year for the first time since 2012, and back then I was in college so its been very different this time around. I bought a ton this year but didn't drop that much money as I sold a lot as well (covid granted me a lot of extra free time to list...

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