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  1. pootshwan

    What is a dream card of yours that you had a chance to acquire but waited too long?

    This Griffey is mine You could have had one these for significantly less money just a few years ago. I took for granted how good prices were and now it's outside of my range.
  2. pootshwan

    What are your thoughts on this?

    For what it's worth, I think Wander is going to be a stud for years to come. How can these prices be sustainable though? This Wander hype reminds me of Strasburg mania a bit. Who remembers?
  3. pootshwan

    Looking for Frank Thomas

    Let me know what you have of The Big Hurt! Thanks, Steve
  4. pootshwan

    Basketball card you regret selling the most....

    If you've been in the hobby long enough you've probably made some missteps selling at some point or another I'm sure. What is the one card you regret selling? This is undoubtedly mine
  5. pootshwan

    Did I sell too early? You be the judge...

    Stumbled across an ebay listing of a Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Sterling Auto and it brought back some bad memories... What was a sale you look back on and makes you hate yourself? haha
  6. pootshwan

    Jordan Love

    So full disclosure, I don't watch college football. But I'm assuming this kid must be the real deal if people are willing to pay this much with a huge roadblock to his immediate playing time. Rodgers is signed through 2023 so he might not see the field until 2024. 2020 Panini Contenders Jordan...
  7. pootshwan

    Does greening or hulking affect grade

    So this isn't a baseball card but does happen on the earlier Topps Chrome baseball cards. This is high profile card that commands some serious cash, that is why I used it in this example. Take a look at this Kobe 1996 Topps Chrome BGS 10 Pristine I looked up the serial on BGS website and it...
  8. pootshwan

    Barry Bonds last year on HOF ballot

    Bonds possibly never getting into HOF doesn't seem to be keeping bidders away. 1986 Topps Traded Tiffany PSA 10 For what it's worth this card has a population of 441, a bit more than I was expecting considering the price it commands. Has your stance on letting PED users into the hall...
  9. pootshwan

    Gretzky future

    Despite these seeing a large spike in price over the past 5+ months do you still think this is an undervalued card with room to grow? If we take a look at what the Michael Jordan rookie card (which is 7 years newer) has risen to $600,000+, Tom Brady cards, Mantle in baseball, etc. It figures to...
  10. pootshwan

    Rarely seen monster hits auction...

    Anyone else watching this card? Can't remember the last time I saw one at auction. This is probably going to break some records and set all time highs Pop 24 :oops:
  11. pootshwan

    2011 Topps Update Trout reprints

    This is getting ridiculous. Just in case the unsuspecting buyer had any doubts now the card comes in a fugazi PSA slab. 🤬 How does ebay combat stuff like this going forward?
  12. pootshwan

    Brady & Mahomes

    Alright, who here owns this card ? Who do you think benefits more from winning next Sunday?
  13. pootshwan

    RIP Hammerin Hank. What are your thoughts....

    What are your thoughts on people rushing to ebay to list autographs after someone has passed? All new listings: https://ebay.to/39ZWz6m
  14. pootshwan

    A ridiculous Mahomes collection

    What do you guys think this is seriously worth? https://ebay.to/3nMjc39 If they win the superbowl the seller might cash in big time. Just an insane collection
  15. pootshwan

    What is your dream card?

    This is probably atop the list for me. https://ebay.to/3ii7Gv9 Post yours in the comments!
  16. pootshwan

    1952 Mantle

    Seems like a decent buy after today's news? https://ebay.to/2LP5mjp What is that shipping charge? :unsure:
  17. pootshwan

    Anyone from Chicago, Illinois ?

    Would anyone in the Chicago, Illinois area be able to save me a newspaper (and ship it) from today Thursday, January 4th? I'm wanting this newspaper for my personal collection of Frank Thomas. I will pay shipping costs + "finders fee" for the paper. Please PM me if you are willing to do so...
  18. pootshwan

    Not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ballot...

    Doing some random browsing on baseball-reference.com (per the usual) and I stumbled upon this tidbit of information that surprised the heck out of me. It took Harmon Killebrew 4 years to make it to the hall. With 573 HR's! He was 5th all time on the HR list when he hung 'em up and hit 40+ HR's 8...
  19. pootshwan

    Could this be an alternative to Paypal?

    There are still a lot of email phishing scams etc. So this may not be as secure as paypal, but still cool IMO. The craziest thing Google announced on Wednesday
  20. pootshwan

    Ebay - Seeing real ending price for best offers

    Up until this point I have been using the .au trick to see what items sold for. This is no longer working for me... Is there another way to see what items have sold for in best offers? :confused: Thanks, Steve

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