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  1. MOFNY

    Website for My Ichiro PC

    I love to see people's collection sites, and I think for a first site this is solid. I also like to give constructive criticism, because it can be difficult to judge your personal work. The first thing I see is the body background image. You don't need it. I removed it and just used a white...
  2. MOFNY

    whats a good scanner?

    I use the CanoScan 9000f Mark 2. It's expensive, but the quality is usually fantastic:
  3. MOFNY

    Old Player Collector Thread = Missing Player Collectors?

    Gwynn545 I'm still big into collecting Oswalt. I don't use Photobucket anymore because it isn't free. I'm on Flikr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/? And I have my website: http://royoswalt44.com/ I unfortunately don't visit this site much anymore.
  4. MOFNY

    Player Collectors 1500+ Club

    I just added card #1500 for Oswalt! My site is http://royoswalt44.com/.
  5. MOFNY

    Non 1/1 cards you would pay more for than 1/1s

    I think when it comes down to it, you create your own notion of what makes a special card. 1/1s can be more special (superfractors and mirror blacks for me), and a lot less special (printing plates) than most cards.
  6. MOFNY

    Non 1/1 cards you would pay more for than 1/1s

    2001 Fleer Platinum Parallel #267 B.Sheets/R.Oswalt /21 This is a card I doubt will ever seen, because I don't think there are any prominent distinctions outside of numbering. 2003 Lead Certified Materials Emerald auto Technically available but has been overpriced for years. I don't think...
  7. MOFNY

    In the market for a new flatbed scanner

    Hey there everyone! So I've been using my Canoscan 4400F for many years now (it's still going strong), and I think it's time for a change. Money isn't really an issue, but I would like to keep it around $200. I would like something released in the last couple years. My biggest priority is high...
  8. MOFNY

    Cards that shouldn't be tough to find ... yet are

    2000 Bowman Chrome Retro/Future Refractor of Oswalt. Granted I've snagged five, but I've only managed to buy one since around 2009. I haven't seen a single copy since then anywhere. The odds of pulling them were pretty low, but it's hard to estimate how individual copies are available. Many...
  9. MOFNY

    Why do collectors shun printing plates?

    There are too many of them, and I simply don't see the appeal. Perhaps they were interesting many years ago, but like many things, the novelty has run its course.
  10. MOFNY

    Coming back after many years away...

    Yea I'm a fairly old timer. Things I need can be tough nowadays. I have everything broken out on my site: http://mofny.github.io/. I'll probably be adding a wantlist eventually, but basically if it isn't listed I'll probably want it.
  11. MOFNY

    Coming back after many years away...

    Hey I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I used to be quite active here from '08 to at least '12. I'm still collecting Oswalt, but there has been slim pickings for the last couple of years. That has saved me some money for sure. I've been pretty busy with life, with mostly positive results...
  12. MOFNY

    Which website do you use to upload pictures of your card collection?

    Flikr has free unlimited bandwidth.
  13. MOFNY

    My personal site redesign, please critique.

    Ok so I have been taking some of your suggestions to heart. For the Autographs, Base, GU, RCs, and 1/1 pages I have updated the floating buttons. It no longer has a delay and snaps back into place. The animation is more smooth and less jumpy. I also reduced the file size by around 35%. Some bugs...
  14. MOFNY

    My personal site redesign, please critique.

    Anything in red is stuff I used to own. The fact that that particular card is up on eBay is news to me. Currently it's higher than what I paid/sold it for.
  15. MOFNY

    My personal site redesign, please critique.

    I'm guessing you have a large screen resolution? I have a max-width set at 1300px. I'll have to rethink that. The navigation is also a bit off compared to my laptop. I'm actually working on the floating bar staying in place right now. I think it's a great idea. Overall it's so difficult to...
  16. MOFNY

    My personal site redesign, please critique.

    Yup I have been lazy and haven't fixed that. Thanks for the screen shot that is highly appreciated. I'm thinking of moving to a fixed non jumpy floating bar. The jello effect will be fixed tomorrow. It was intentional, but I can see now that it is too distracting. Did you check out the...
  17. MOFNY

    My personal site redesign, please critique.

    Yea it has been the way I've displayed them for a long time. If I find another good way to display them I might go with that. That's why I developed the buttons: to quickly get to different sections and navigate around the page. Thanks for your reply!
  18. MOFNY

    My personal site redesign, please critique.

    The title header has two rows of text? That I haven't seen before in my testing; it should have one. The vibrating can be fixed. As for the bouncing around, that is a known bug but usually only occurs at a very specific instance. I'll take a look. Did you happen to click the "open all"...
  19. MOFNY

    My personal site redesign, please critique.

    Hey there everybody. Recently I decided to modernize the look and feel of my personal site. Old Site: http://royoswalt44.com. New Site: http://mofny.github.io. Firstly, I have a new host at Github Pages (highly recommend). Secondly, I used a new layout technique. If you are using an older...
  20. MOFNY

    What else to do in Cooperstown area?

    There are some terrific golf courses close by.

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