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    Shiller, Snipers & Sh*theads ... lets talk about it!

    Can you explain exactly how shilling is avoided by sniping? Because it literally does nothing but not show the person interest right away. If I have an item for sale and I am a shiller here is exactly how, it dont matter if you snipe or bid day 1 you are paying extra. My card has 2 minutes...
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    You can't fight city hall- eBay protecting large sellers and shillers (probstein content)

    Its already been shown several hundreds of times now sniping does NOTHING to deter or stop shilling. Not sure why people think this is a solution. All it does it gets you shilled in the last seconds of the auction. If I was going to win a card for 100 and you shill it to 120 I now have to pay...
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    New York City residents......

    Cool ass bar is the blind barber downtown. the front looks like and operates as a barber shop during the day open the back door and its a speakeasy. Its a nice spot. Pricey but great drinks. The Blind Barber 339 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009
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    JUST pulled this from a jumbo box, umm..

    Yes it is. And you are right.
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    EDIT DAMN PHOTOSHOP LOL Not sure. A real one went unsold for 150. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251653108850?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649
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    Grading question

    BCCG grades mean NOTHING. I have seen them come back altered after being cracked and I seen a 10 get a BGS 5.
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    Why do high volume ebay sellers think we believe their lies about shilling their own autctions

    Since *** went to the toilet (long long ago) they been passing off massive amounts of forgeries. Its now moved on to their new company GA. Since almost no one will send them anything besides forgers they are left no choice but to pass them all for $$$
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    Why do high volume ebay sellers think we believe their lies about shilling their own autctions

    There is no chance thats legit and looks nothing like his early signature. It has nothing to do with it being in a *** holder except the forger used them almost exclusively for a year or 2 before they stopped labbing these.
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    My Custom HOFer Cut Auto dream

    You can also pay someone for a base design and you can add text and photos to your desire. Then your set would have a common theme throughout.
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    My Custom HOFer Cut Auto dream

    Learn to do it yourself and you saved yourself a huge chunk of change!
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    Freedom Cardboard Announces New Management Team

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLDER6GP30c I kid, I kid. ;)
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    "A Sign of History" company information?

    So this guy "authenticates" these also along with slabs them....What Can go wrong here.....
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    More Biogenesis Suspensions Coming

    Big Sloppy for sure.
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    1934 Goudey Dick Porter Superfractor - and a Superfractor "How to..."

    wow looks insane! great work as always!
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    any news about dale murphy

    those look great!
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    any news about dale murphy

    Nice! I never sent my item in so I guess its a 8x10 for me lol
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    Fake Trout NT patch/auto on eBay

    HAHA The autograph is an exact match
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    Challenge for BG

    He is off working on those new innovative ideas.

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