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  1. nappyd

    Official FCB PLAYER COLLECTORS List--Collectors Welcome!

    Joey Bart super collector here.
  2. nappyd

    Kyle Pitts’ auto is awful...

    Can't expect much when they're not taught cursive handwriting any more in school. As a falcons fan i feel bad for Pitts. On the one hand it's nice seeing what his signature looks like, but on the other hand it sucks knowing the team wasted so much money on Julio that they can't sign anyone.
  3. nappyd

    Do you think that sports card sales will stay strong or do you think a fall is coming?

    I think it'll be a mix of some stuff falling out while other things level off. It could vary depending on the sport and product though. Things like some of the newer product offerings might not hold up.
  4. nappyd

    AIC TCG 1&2 - 2021 - openings

    Between this, more physical stores, NBA topshot's scammery, etc. someone's going to be left holding the bag when the bubble bursts
  5. nappyd

    My Kaepernick PC

    Somehow his Topps magic autographed card from 2012 is still relatively affordable. I don't think Topps was expecting him to start when they added him to the auto set that year.
  6. nappyd

    Are we in a bubble....

    After seeing how much people are paying for topshots YouTube clips yeah, bubble
  7. nappyd

    Large submitter Selling Altared cards

    That guy at the bottom of page 5 thought the thread had run its course... Then another 15 pages showed up😂
  8. nappyd

    Ugly side of ballpark naming rights...

    Same here. Then again it's hard not to drive a Mercedes.
  9. nappyd

    Oh Super Sweet 90's Inserts.... #3

  10. nappyd

    Jeff Samardzjia/Michael Ynoa Traded to the White Sox For Semien, Bassitt, Phegley & Ravelo

    That and they're written off as having no chance of making the playoffs each year but somehow seem to make it in.
  11. nappyd

    2014 Topps Chrome Football - Division Break - scans up

    My condolences. It's never easy when family stay too long.
  12. nappyd

    My Derrick Brooks Collection

    Thankfully, its not Tim Biakabutuka, former Panthers Franchise RB Also don't think it's Michigan legend Jim Harbaugh, who also wore #4 . While this catch looks very familiar, it could actually be Marquise Walker, who played in 2001...since that card's from 2002...
  13. nappyd

    AIC Box Break - 1 box of '14 Panini Flawless FB for lisu

    i like how they make the word Flawless bigger than the player's name. In case you forgot what you just dropped half a paycheck on.
  14. nappyd


    sadly not even a CF prospect who could get called up to replace BJ Upton.
  15. nappyd

    Stanton HBP

    Yeah, really surprised the umpire didn't eject him after the second one
  16. nappyd

    Buxton carted off in ambulance

    time for Mike to get a new last name so Twins fans can't find him...
  17. nappyd

    In case you missed this...

    With the Cubs, or another team?
  18. nappyd

    Troy Tulowitzki will have season-ending hip surgery.

    weak tendons can come from steroid use too... That aside, was really hoping he'd have stayed healthy this year to see what kind of numbers he could put up for a season. Thankfully the Rockies didn't miss out on all that insurance money by trading him for prospects before the deadline though...
  19. nappyd

    If the topps company were to get sold.

    Would they still be able to make the retro shirts/hats? Or is that something on their site they've subcontracted out manufacturing for anyway?
  20. nappyd

    Very easy Contest for $2 in FCB Bucks! Just post a number style...

    500 As in for $500 jeff bagwell once appeared at darren rovell's bar mitzvah

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