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    WTB Any Andrew McCutchen?

    Looking to add to the PC. Let me know.
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    Attention Dana White...

    Sign Bobby Lashley, asap... Signed, UFC fan hoping for an exciting HW fight.
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    Best way to get rid of a bunch of GU/Autos?

    Got a bunch of junk. I'd say 75+ GU/Autos. Just lying around. Best way to get rid of them?
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    More sought after?

    Betances auto or non-auto parallels?
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    Some high-end FT/FS!

    Sorry for the crap scans. Let me know.
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    New blog regarding Chad Johnson...

    The Top-10 things you should be watching out for when Chad pulls up in to your driveway with his pimped out U-Haul. Directed at Palmer. http://upinthestands.blogspot.com
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    My Take on the Memphis University Bball Program...

    Check it out on my blog. http://upinthestands.blogspot.com/ Tell me what you think! Thanks.

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