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  1. Dazed

    2022 Allen & Ginter Hobby box

    The absolute best A&G box I've ever ripped! A&G guarantees 3 Hits per box. My box had 4 hits and it was a HOT box! All of the base cards were Silver Portrait parallels! Hot box parallel examples The Hits (Carew bat relic, Jake Cousins Framed mini auto, Josh Winder Framed mini black Printing...
  2. Dazed

    HOF - 2023 Contemporary Baseball Era Ballot

    https://baseballhall.org/discover/contemporary-era-player-ballot-2023 Thoughts?
  3. Dazed

    One of One Show-Off Thread

    One of One Show-Off Thread! Doesn't matter what it is; Buy back, Print plate, Base parallel, Relic, Auto, RPA, Digital, Sketch, Artwork, Pop can, Beer bottle, Wood burned, Sculpture or a drawing from your Grandchild or Grandparent. It can be Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, MMA, WWE...
  4. Dazed

    TCDb/SportLots and Panini Redemption Press Releases

    I think the TCDb/SportLots release sounds good. Hopefully it will help some of us fills needs on our want lists. Who knows about the Panini redemption release! I think I still have 6 I'm waiting to be fulfilled going back to 2014. I feel sorry for anyone that purchased a specific redemption...
  5. Dazed

    2022 Bowman Sapphire box

    8 packs, 4 cards per pack with 1 auto. Best cards per MLB top 100: #1 Adley Rutschman #9 Noelvi Marte #10 Marcelo Mayer #17 Nick Gonzalez #20 Kahlil Watson #22 Brett Baty #89 Pete Crow-Armstrong N/A Trey Sweeney 1st Orange Refractor 27/50 Henry Davis, C, Pittsburgh, 2021 #1 overall draft pick...
  6. Dazed

    2022 Topps Series 2 Checklist

    https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2022-topps-series-2-baseball-cards A few observations (Actually complaints): Why can't Topps get the rookies that made the opening day roster into series 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Witt, Jr., No Julio Rodriguez, No Torkelson!!! I'm sure there are others I missed...
  7. Dazed

    2022 Bowman Sapphire Edition

    Available at topps.com 1 box per order $199.99 a box. $10 shipping. 1 auto per box. Sent from my SM-A716U using Freedom Card Board mobile app
  8. Dazed

    Best Hit By Pitches

    This has to be one of the best.
  9. Dazed

    The First Baseball Card - Shoebox Treasures

    https://www.mlb.com/news/first-baseball-card-magnolia-invitation-peck-and-snyder?partnerId=zh-20220301-554329-mlb-1-A&qid=1026&utm_id=zh-20220301-554329-mlb-1-A&bt_ee=Rc%2FC4wmfb1546RVZ6%2FA0vOwLz0tICUzwQ12Q10rB%2F8l%2B2TkMHcZLtksQZ2dUS4t1&bt_ts=1646147591620 Which one do you think is the first...
  10. Dazed

    2022 Topps Chrome Update

    Just a sample of what I got. Purple Refractors are 1 per pack. Only non-purple parallel was an X-Fractor (1:294). Chrome MLB All-Star Game Refractors, Chrome Topps Black Gold & Chrome Topps Platinum Player Die Cut base cards are 1:6.
  11. Dazed

    2021 Topps Holiday Mega X2

    I found 2 of these in the wild. I'll respond with any decent hits.
  12. Dazed

    Free Agent signings

    I just read that Scherzer is finalizing a 3 year $130 Million deal with the Mets. I now have a new favorite Met.
  13. Dazed

    Wander Franco Extension

  14. Dazed

    Target Blasters 3 GQ, 3 A&G

  15. Dazed

    eBay & PWCC

    Looks like eBay is taking action. https://www.sportscollectorsdaily.com/ebay-accuses-pwcc-of-shill-bidding/
  16. Dazed

    2021 Gypsy Queen and Allen & Ginter Blasters

    Are available at Target.com
  17. Dazed

    Trea Turner's Slide.

    Smooth! https://www.huffpost.com/entry/baseball-player-smooth-slide_n_61147edce4b07b9118a73b9a?fbclid=IwAR2VkxeRqW0UmOo_9ique4CXveAUShQVj6uTRdHhS-0F6jzHdW1oQG0lfkY
  18. Dazed

    2022 Topps Baseball Preview

    https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2022-topps-series-1-baseball-cards I like the full border and larger name plate. Looks more Bowman-ish each year.
  19. Dazed

    Trading-Card Mania Inspires New Reality-TV Show

    This will only make things crazier than it is now...
  20. Dazed

    2019 Topps Allen Ginter Egg Card

    What the &*# is going on? Are the Jenner/Kardashian clan now causing prices to increase? Even crazier for the parallels...

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