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  1. Verdammt

    Something odd going on on the Bay.

    Being a Danny Duffy collector, I've been keeping an eye on this card in hopes that the price comes down: 2017 Topps Finest SuperFractor Recently, this card showed up: Hmmmm? I've contacted the owner of the auction listing and asked them about it, but they haven't responded. I somehow doubt...
  2. Verdammt

    The feels when you are 2 cards away from a 100% Master Rainbow.

    2013 Bowman Chrome Mike Moustakas. Missing the cyan printing plate and the yellow refractor. If anybody can point me in their direction, you would have my eternal gratitude.
  3. Verdammt

    WTB 2017 Heritage Danny Duffy Throwback Uniform

    Looking to buy the 2017 Heritage Danny Duffy Throwback variation. If anybody has this card, let's negotiate a price for it.
  4. Verdammt

    Need a bit of advice on this card.

    On the right side of this card in the die-cut area, is a small piece that didn't get cut. Anyone have any idea on how to remove this or even if I should? The auction didn't show the actual card so I didn't know this little tag was still attached. Sent from my SM-G950U using Freedom Card Board...
  5. Verdammt

    This stuns me into silence...

    Far be it from me to tell people how to spend their money, but who would pay this much for this "card"...
  6. Verdammt

    Looking for some advice on this card. Is it real?

    I came across this card on the 'Bay and was wondering if anybody can verify it's authenticity. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tom-Glavine-HOF-Atlanta-Braves-Donruss-Tools-of-the-Trade-Jackie-Robinson-Patch/332752658524 This is the first time I've seen one of these with this particular patch and when...
  7. Verdammt

    Need an expert eBayer's opinion/advice/information.

    I don't post here alot, preferring to lurk and view everybody's cards that they post, but I'm curious about an eBay posting and was wondering what, if anything, the deal is. Here is the listing in question...