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  1. michaelstepper

    Sweet Spot Classic collection

    Hi again all, I posted the other day pics of my Sweet Spot Signatures. Here's my Classic Signatures. I am looking for a few I'm missing yet. Classic covered many names, mostly HOF but some great fan favorites as well. EXCEPT Hank Aaron. I need to do or have someone make me a custom Aaron.
  2. michaelstepper

    May pickup Thread

    Starting out with a banger
  3. michaelstepper

    Sweet Spot Signatures collection

    Hey everyone, posted some group pics over on Twitter but the way I had to do it doesn't do them justice. I hope that this works better. My Classic Signatures are not included here at this time but will be eventually.
  4. michaelstepper

    April pickup thread

    I looked for an April post but didn't find it unless I'm blind. Had a few things come in hope to see some from all of you as well. Perez puts me 2 signatures from the 03 classic set
  5. michaelstepper

    2019 Flawless patches ongoing PC

    I love jumbo patches and I understand panini is not for everyone. Flawless is one set I believe they do their best work. I love the clean look and the checklist is nice and robust. Have one? show it off! Have one I don't have and looking to sell or trade? I'm looking! *have Judge and...
  6. michaelstepper

    Ongoing Heritage PC

    With pickups of my main PC slow going I've started several side PC's. Heritage Refractors and rookies. This is my progress since last June (2019)
  7. michaelstepper

    WTTF wttf/wtb 2007 2009 sweet spot immortal signatures

    Buying : paying ABOVE ebays last known sale. Not happy with that? Let's negotiate If trading, I'll trade in your favor and I've compiled this list of needs and am willing to open my pc witha few exceptions. If I don't have something I've gone as far as I'll buy it and send it your direction as...
  8. michaelstepper

    2020!! hobby goals

    It's that time of year everyone, to contemplate the year ahead and decide what if anything we'd all like to accomplish. While this thread is meant to be hobby related I won't hold you to it. Be super detailed or as vague as possible, all up to you As for my goals: 1) I have 74 cards on my...
  9. michaelstepper

    June pickup thread *delete of its duplicate*

    Not trying to step on any toes here (@amish-dave) Didn't see a June pickup thread. Been getting plenty of mail just not sharing it site wise. I see many of you on Twitter (@stepper_mike) but if your not there, snagged this last week on 10% Ebay bucks. Have an ongoing trout thread I'll update...
  10. michaelstepper

    Running Mike Trout pickups *6/23 adds

    Finally did it. Started a Trout PC. Also starting to include color variations of base topps and bowman week of 6/23/19 highlights 6/16/19 weekend mail. had a few other color variation base but I'll keep it to these. 6/14/19 6/11/19 6/10/19...
  11. michaelstepper

    WTB wtb/tf 2004 legendary cuts cut signatures

    Hey guys as the title states looking for any 2004 legendary cuts cut signatures I dont have. What I do have is here: https://www.freedomcardboard.com/forum/album.php?albumid=589 hit me here or in a PM what you are looking for in PayPal or trade and I'll see what I have
  12. michaelstepper

    2019 hobby (or non) goals!

    With the new year less than a week away I thought some users would like to post what they hope to accomplish hobby wise or if they want to share, non hobby wise. My goal lists have been getting smaller each year it seems but my love of the hobby has not. Anyway, post em up and have fun in...
  13. michaelstepper

    FS/FT Musial Schmidt Wynn and legendary cuts autos fs/ft

    have these available, NOT looking for chrome or prospect/RC stuff. list of items I'll trade for below pics Prices dropped for FCB only! musial 5/5 from 2012 national treasures $90 Schmidt 2005 Sweet spot classic /40 $75 redemption so I doubt all are out there these have sold 115, 125...
  14. michaelstepper

    2003 sweet spot signatures complete*

    Hey everyone! With the addition of Ichiro this week my endeavor into this smaller set is complete for the most part. There are TWO signatures I Dont count towards my set but will add If they ever show up. Mantle and William's. I've seen both, mantle was cut off on both ends and the William's...
  15. michaelstepper

    FT HOF autos ft looking for 2004 legendary cuts

    hey everyone, have these available FT. right now I'm looking to swap them for 2004 legendary cuts of the same name.. OR possibly rare sweet spot autos I need.
  16. michaelstepper

    FS random items fs *team lots added

    hey everyone, have these items sitting in a box on the desk (properly stored) looking to move them. take everything listed below for $340 shipped $40 $45 for the whole run. cased is the blank back. red /5 cost me that alone $250 2017-2018 team lots the number of cards listed is only for...
  17. michaelstepper

    Barry Larkin diamond king Jersey *winner letch77*

    Hey everyone have a bunch of stuff I've accumulated and not going to take the time to list it so I'll give it away! I'll ship in a well packed pwe unless we work something else out. let it run for 48hrs. and hopefully somebody wants it I'll start here with this Larkin Jersey from 2002...
  18. michaelstepper

    Saturday mail. first sweet spot 1/1

    hey guys! super exciting mail today. First sweet spot 1/1! I have a couple plates and a sweet sigs 1/1 but it's Edwin Jackson... watched this card come and go once, figured the second time around I shouldn't waste the opportunity.
  19. michaelstepper

    WTB wttf/buy a couple 2018 Mitch Haniger stadium club or archives

    hey guys, as the title states I'm looking for a few Mitch Haniger variations from 2018. stadium club black and white stadium club first day issue stadium club gold rainbow 1/ also in the newly released archives 2017 heritage buyback auto let me know what your looking for or wanting...
  20. michaelstepper

    FS progressive auction mitch haniger topps chrome orange +3

    we'll start this at $65 and I'll add one card each day by 3pm AK time 2/25 BGS 9.5 added 3-22: panini Cooperstown Doug Harvey autograph added 3-23: warren spahn topps tribute jersey added 3-24: bronze and silver Robinson cano all-star manu-relics from 2017 topps added 3-25: aaron...

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