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  1. mcgoo2

    New to BGS: A couple questions I am hoping someone could help me with.

    I'm not one to buy a card for the purpose of flipping (in fact, I never have) but last night I found a good deal on a card I've had a mild interest in buying. It's graded a BGS 9 with sub grades of 10 centering, 9.5 surface, 9.5 corners, and 8 edges on the old BGS label. I don't have the card in...
  2. mcgoo2

    Opinions on taking off the "Authentic" sticker?

    I picked up this card last year and the adhesive on the sealed authentic sticker is starting to go. It will occasionally pop off on one side and I'm contemplating just taking it off and putting it in a new one touch. Any recommendations? Would this ruin the value in any way? Here's the card and...

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