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    This game used bat is Chuck Norris Approved

    The pictures say it all, pretty much. This bat, a 2015 Victus bat used by Jonny Gomes while with the Braves, appeared on eBay two weeks ago, and arrived today. I've heard of Gomes doing cool things with his bat barrels--his pink mother's day bat with the Rays apparently said "Momma Gomes," and...
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    A decade later, it's mine

    On September 16, 2009, Jonny Gomes hit his 20th and final home run of the season. The shot came on "Hal McCoy Day," honoring the retirement of the 37-year veteran sportswriter who covered the Reds. Gomes, who had told McCoy that he would try to hit a home run for him that day, presented him with...
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    Is Beckett authentication a thing?

    Hadn't heard of them before, but just stumbled across this Jonny Gomes ball on eBay. It's always possible that it's real, but it's not something I would have authenticated.
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    2016 Topps All-Star Fanfest stamped cards, what's the story?

    Looking at a couple of these cards on eBay. They're base 2016 Topps cards, but with foil stamping on the front ("ALL STAR GAME 2016," with the MLB logo between the "20" and the "16"). Are they legit? How were the handed out, and is there a stated/assumed print run?
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    Remember when guys used flashlights on A&G rip cards?

    Unopened packs may someday no longer hide their secrets. Would be totally impractical to use on an A&G rip card, but you can imagine guys with unopened 1952 Topps packs clamoring to use this technology. New Tech Could Read Books Without Opening Them In layman speak, the article is titled...
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    Jonny Gomes collectors' thread

    A thread for all things Gomes. The Griffey guys have an eight year, 505-page lead on us, so time to get cracking!
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    2002 ESPN/Valvoline Hudson Valley Renegades

    Beckett doesn't list this set, but Dave Weber lists a 2002 ESPN Hudson Valley Renegades set in his MiLB card database. Another site (instant replay sportscards) lists a "Hudson Valley Renegades (Stadium giveaway set: Valvoline Instant Oil Change/ESPN Radio WEOK 1390,WALL 1340)," with Shawn...
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    Recent Jonny Gomes pickups: Jersey # Rainbow

    Merry Christmas guys! Yesterday saw my scanner and me spending some quality time together, and these Gypsy Queen minis are so cool I wanted to share. I hadn't noticed until then that all four of them are serial numbered 5, which was Gomes's jersey number with the Red Sox. Normally getting one...
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    2002 Topps Pristine Refractors

    Were these things only issued in uncirculated form, or were they issued in regular packs as well? My understanding is that they came uncirculated as box toppers; yet so many of them have shown up without the plastic cases that it seems as if they may have come loose in packs as well.
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    Player Collectors: What % do you have of your player's total print run?

    With there being a general dearth of new Gomes cards to pursue, I've begun picking up more and more duplicate serial numbered cards. A shipment of about 200 of these arrived today from COMC, and that got me wondering: How many total serial numbered Gomes cards have been produced, and how many do...
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    2015 Topps Heritage High #s Wood Grain Front/Glossy Back

    Anyone have any of these? Brentandbecca had some of them up for sale, including a Gomes for a $30 BIN which I hit after sitting on for a day. Doing so may turn out to be one of the best card purchases I've made: this thing is practically impossible to distinguish from a regular base card, even...
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    Identifying a team signed baseball, can anyone help out?

    It's a 2005 Tampa Bay Devil Rays ball, and I'm stuck on two or three signatures. Can anyone give an assist? I'm wondering if the one above Cantu (@r2d2) could be a second Orvella signature. Roster: http://www.baseball-almanac.com/teamstats/roster.php?y=2005&t=TBA SS: Lou Piniella (Manager)...
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    Rainbows with all 1/1s

    I could have sworn there was a thread on this a number of months ago, but I'm having no luck digging it up. Has anyone been able to put such a set together, including each 1/1 (printing plates and whatever else)? I'm close on a few sets, but never really expected to do it: until yesterday, that...
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    eBay no longer allows searches by bidder's wins?

    Whenever I try to search for completed listings by bidder (i.e., find the items a user has won), it now takes me to that user's general profile. Is this a permanent change? Anyone know of any workarounds?
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    Got a game used grail

    Had a really cool mailday today, and I wanted to share it. I have a bunch of game used bats and jerseys of Jonny Gomes, but I've always wanted two items in particular: a game used home run baseball, and a game used hit by pitch baseball. The first one speaks for itself a bit, since Gomes tends...
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    IP auto on a certified auto card

    Found this on eBay, just as weird as it sounds. I do not get this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JUSTIN-MAXWELL-2006-Just-Minors-Justifiable-Dual-Signed-NATIONALS-Autograph-/301203082716?pt=US_Autographed_Trading_Cards&hash=item46211a4ddc
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    Where were these pictures taken?

    First card is a 2003 Topps Bazooka of Joey Gomes, second card is a 2002 Bowman of his brother, Jonny Gomes. Some sort of developmental league? Neither player had made it to the majors at that point, but they're both in Tampa Bay Devil Rays uniforms. I don't think they're from a fall league...
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    The quadrillion parallels of 2014 Bowman

    I just added these cards to my checklist, and was shocked by how many parallels there are. 13 cards to go after, plus 6 1/1s. Does this seem crazy to anyone else? I know it's the same concept card companies have been following for years--change the color, lower the numbering--but this seems to...
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    2014 Topps Heritage black backs, anyone going for them?

    These cards seem to be pretty rare, and very few of them have been listed. The odds I've seen are: 500 cards in the set Hobby: 1:444 (846,500 packs assumed produced) Retail: 1:205 (2,200,000 packs assumed produced) Which breaks down to 3.8 of each card across the hobby production run, and...
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    COMC is back online

    Looks like a lot of information is still missing or incorrect, especially for baseball and football. All of Joey Gomes's cards are listed as Jonny Gomes, for instance, and for some reason a Justin Morneau card is listed as Jonny Gomes. Even with these extraneous additions to the Jonny Gomes...

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