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  1. DeliciousBacon

    More $1 box gold

    There's a record shop in my area that has a box of assorted sports cards for $1. A while ago, I picked up one of those 1993 Ted Williams Juan Gonzalez autos. Right around the same time, I picked this up, assuming it was a fairly common item: An unrelated ebay search showed me that this is a...
  2. DeliciousBacon

    Anyone get anythis good from Heritage?

    I got this:
  3. DeliciousBacon

    Ted Simmons and Marvin Miller have been elected to the Hall Of Fame

    I'm surprised they're the only ones off that list who made it in, but both are well-deserved!
  4. DeliciousBacon

    Anyone breaking 2019 Donruss?

    Pulled the Whammy! and the Ichiro from the samebox, one pack apart!
  5. DeliciousBacon

    The oddest card-related thing happened to me today...

    Gallery was restocked at a few of my local Walmarts. I don't go to Walmart other than the cards, so when I get there for a restock, it's a very rare occurrence. I cleaned out the fresh pile of Gallery rack packs, and opened them in my car in the parking lot (just can't wait to get them home!)...
  6. DeliciousBacon

    Topps Chrome Update is back at Target...

    And the collation is atrocious. I picked up 8 boxes and 4 rack packs (with a 2-card Pink Ref pack), and got the same 4 card pack at least half a dozen times. At least I got a dozen to 15 of each Soto, Torres and Acuna. No base Refractors, but two Austin Meadows autos (autos and Refs have pretty...
  7. DeliciousBacon

    Monster pull from Update

    I broke a ton of Update, and until this, my best pull was a Black Ichiro. And then this:
  8. DeliciousBacon

    2018 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition

    https://www.topps.com/catalog/product/view/id/111288/s/2018-topps-chrome-baseball-sapphire-edition/category/5/ Anyone hear of this product? Tonight was the first time I'd seen anything about it, decided to order a box. Odds seem pretty good on getting a few decent pulls (100 base Sapphire, 3...
  9. DeliciousBacon

    Gold Label, anyone? Topps dropped the Hammer on me this year....

    I want Topps Gold Label to be better than it is, and the last few years I get hammered on the couple of boxes I buy. This year, I got Hammered again, but in a different way...
  10. DeliciousBacon

    Found the ebay feedback for one of my auctions from a little over a year ago...

    Pulled a nice card of a guy I'd never heard of, sold it for what was then the going rate. I thought I did good, I was happy... 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto Purple Refractor Ronald Acuna 180/250 HOT! (#152527600179) US $129.95 Oops.
  11. DeliciousBacon

    Is anyone else having trouble with Paypal shipping?

    Every time I try to print up the large batch of labels that are all ready to go, Paypal shipping give me a "Sorry, We cannot process your request. Please try later" message. Been doing this for several days, actually. Anyone else having the same problem, and more importantly, anyone find a...
  12. DeliciousBacon

    Is this the most homoerotic card ever produced?

    I'm not sure why TCMA chose this particular photo, or what exactly is about to happen here, but I am sure there's a large jar of Crisco just off-camera: 1983 TCMA Toledo Mud Hens - [Base] #24 - Tim Agan Courtesy of COMC.com
  13. DeliciousBacon

    Some important info for those who ship to Canada

    I typically ship Canadian packages out of the PO I work at, using the standard Custom Dec Form 2976 (the 3-ply form, roughly 4X6, everyone has seen them and maybe even has a stack hanging around). Never had a problem having a package ship, but I have had issues with them being incredibly delayed...
  14. DeliciousBacon

    Bought a box of Optic today, don't Judge me too harshly....

    Man, I am getting tired of pulling this guy's autos! Looks like I can't post scans, so just check this out to see it.
  15. DeliciousBacon

    Topps has announced a new Covfefe Refractor for 2017 Topps Chrome...

    New gimmick by Topps for Chrome, the Covfefe Refractor will be their most orange refractor ever, orange on both sides! All cards will feature players' hands Photoshopped to be extra small, and sadly, the Covfefe Refractor will only be produced for white players. But seriously folks, pulled this...
  16. DeliciousBacon


    So I've been more or less a lurker here for the last few months, my wife and I bought a house and spent most of the last three months in the buying/moving/settling process. But I have my own card room, which is pretty awesome! Pulled these guys over the last few months as well: Just today...
  17. DeliciousBacon

    Does these autos look real?

    Picked these up a while ago for $1 each. I tend to avoid non pack-issued autos, but these were a decent enough gamble not to pass up. They both look good to me, but what do you all think?
  18. DeliciousBacon

    Pulled my first Super tonight!

    First off, as any of my postal brothers here can attest to, this is a crazy time for us in the Post Office. I've been working 60-75 hr. weeks for the past month-plus, and only have had (I think) 5 days off since Thanksgiving. Lots of OT though! So I'm barely here, and barely have much time for...
  19. DeliciousBacon

    EDIT: Ebay buyer is a complete psychopath BECAUSE ITS CARDCOP!

    Same bidder won 12 auctions from me the other night, and is refusing to pay and threatening to report me to ebay because I am supposedly violating their rules for combined shipping. I can't find a rule stating sellers have to state that there is extra shipping for multiple items in the auction...

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